Student Ambassadors


The Mayor’s Student Ambassador Program is designed to build and strengthen relationships between the Gold Coast community and the student population through cultural and social inclusion.

As the Mayor's Student Ambassador, your job is to share your Gold Coast story with the world. The role entitles you to:

  • Enjoy exclusive local adventures on the Gold Coast 
  • Benefit from professional development and public speaking opportunities 
  • Engage with media, industry, government representatives and international trade delegations
  • Promote the Gold Coast - Australia's Favourite Classroom as the best student city to study, work and visit

Roles & Responsibilities

As a Mayor's Student Ambassador, your job is to showcase the Gold Coast to the world.
  • Partake in professional development workshops throughout the year
  • Attend Study Gold Coast adventures and activities
  • Share your ambassador experience with the world
  • Promote upcoming events through your social media and institution
  • Assist with visiting delegations
  • Publish a minimum of two posts on social media per week, one video blog per month, one photo submission to Study Gold Coast per fortnight, and one blog questionnaire per month
  • Represent and promote studying on the Gold Coast at all Study Gold Coast networking functions

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Benefits of being an ambassador

The program is designed to enhance your student experience and help make the Gold Coast your second home. 
  • Enjoy the ultimate Gold Coast study and living experience
  • Meet lots of new people from all around the world
  • Step out of your comfort zone and engage in adventurous activities
  • Go on fun excursions and get involved in community and event volunteering
  • Get the chance to attend official government, community and industry events
  • Get internship opportunities to gain real life business experience while studying
  • Personal and professional development

Hear from our 2016 Mayor's International Student Ambassadors 

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