Great Gold Coast Careers Workshops

The Gold Coast is uniquely positioned to improve employability through the collaborative efforts of local council, business and education institutions.

Connecting education and local business

Study Gold Coast is focused on connecting students with industrial, commercial and public sector organisations locally to enhance the employability of our Gold Coast students. Through a number of strategic initiatives, Study Gold Coast will harness the support from government, workforce and the education sector to facilitate a positive change and see the Gold Coast as the most active, focused and effective city in the nation for student employability. 

The Gold Coast offers many strong education opportunities and in order to maintain and build this sector we need to focus on the employment outcomes for students and change the existing perception of the Gold Coast as simply a tourist destination rather than a place to start and build a promising career.

Connecting families, council and business

Study Gold Coast is engaging Gold Coast families throughout the city over the course of a 12-month period. The aim is to provide local families an overview of the latest trends in employment, the transformation of the workplace and education.

Working closely with our local Councillors across each City of Gold Coast division we are aiming to deliver a program that will enhance the employability opportunities for all of our city’s families.

Creating advocates for our Education City

The aim is to create a connected city where the education sector, business and government provide families relevant information to enhance the future opportunities for all Gold Coast students. 

To assist in this advocacy, Study Gold Coast is seeking to work with each divisional Councillor to participate in our Education City workshops targeting our city’s families.

The workshop aims are to:

  • invite recognised experts in the employability and education fields
  • deliver engaging workshops that will showcase the key issues facing today’s students in choosing their industry and education pathway
  • enhance connections between local families, tertiary and VET/training providers
  • increase employment opportunities for students by providing families the most up-to-date information in relation to employment trends and aid in decision making
  • generate awareness and promote growth industries over the coming decades as identified by the Future Gold Coast body of work
  • harness and leverage existing and future opportunities
  • attract and retain talent on the Gold Coast
  • ensure that each city division is provided the opportunity to host these events with the aim of providing a positive impact across all SES groups