Gold Coast Startup Initiative

What is it?

Designed as a key component of the Study Gold Coast Employability Program, the Startup Initiative will assist Gold Coast students to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The initiative will provide the knowledge and hands-on experience to help them launch their own enterprises in two days and hone those skills over eight weeks with an entrepreneurial community and mentors.


How does it work?

The program is delivered in two parts; the Startup Weekend, a two-day ‘primer’ where they learn how to network, pitch, present and take their concept from idea to concept. The four leading teams are then invited to pitch their concept at the 2017 Careers Festival where the two winning teams will be selected from Gold Coast high schools or from universities and vocational education and training colleges.

The Startup Weekend will be convened by Dr Baden U’Ren, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Bond University Business School, with support from key city stakeholders and Beach City Group.

The winning teams then commence a six-week mentoring program designed by Beach City Group to engage and guide them through the business design process.

The program will build these student’s capacity, skills and ability to develop their own venture, assisted by Beach City Groups validated platform and highly skilled and nationally recognised business leads, Leigh Kelson and Scott Bourke, in addition to their global network. At the end of this each group will receive an investment into their business from Study Gold Coast.

This initiative is designed to provide the city’s budding entrepreneurs a collaborative environment to connect with leading figures in the Gold Coast startup space and give them the contacts, networks and learnings to move forward with their concepts. It’s about empowering Gold Coast students to shape their own futures.

The overall aim of the startup initiative is to build the city’s reputation as an entrepreneurial and innovation hub driven by its education sector.

When & where?

Startup Weekend

Friday 5th May – Sunday 7th May 2017

Bond University,
14 University Drive Robina,
Queensland 4226

2017 Gold Coast Careers Festival - Pitch Presentations

Wednesday 10th May 2017 (afternoon)

The Gold Coast Convention and Entertainment Centre,

Beach City Group Mentoring Program

Week commencing Monday 3rd July (during June break) through to the start of August (six-week period)


What does it cost to enter?

Entrance is open to all students from Study Gold Coast member institutions to participate in this event which is ticketed and priced at $75.00 per high school student or university/vocational education and training students (amenities, room-hire included, facilitation included) in this cost.

What is the Prize?

The prize for two-teams (one representing secondary schools/one from the tertiary/VET sector) will be to enter a 6-week long mentoring program sponsored by Study Gold Coast and designed by leading entrepreneurs from Gold Coast based Beach City Group This will provide the successful students a full understanding of business design and methodology and provide them the skills and training to launch their enterprises. At the end of this program Study Gold Coast will donate $2,500.00 into each of the businesses to start the students on their entrepreneurial journey. The two successful teams will be announced and will commence their mentoring program in the week commencing Monday 4th July 2017 at Co Spaces, Southport.