Careers Outreach Service

Study Gold Coast member institutions can access our Careers Outreach Service offering Career Education support direct to students. This service aims to complement your institution’s career support services and educators in assisting students to access high-quality careers support right on your campus or remotely via webinars. Read more.

 Further details on the service:

  • Availability: Monday to Friday

  • Timings: 9am – 5pm

  • Institutions: Study Gold Coast member institutions only

  • Email[email protected]

Below are the topics & learning outcomes

Future Career Insights & Options Post Study icon

Future Career Insights & Options Post Study

Insights into the world of work and how it is changing. Students learn Career Education terminology and discover career resources such as the Careers Explorer tool, Job Outlook and My Future.

Career Planning & Digital Footprint icon

Career Planning & Digital Footprint

Understanding self and interests with a demonstration of the ‘My Future’ Career Profile. Discuss Digital Footprints and the impact they can have on an individual’s future career.

Navigating the Australian Workplace  icon

Navigating the Australian Workplace

Practical resources to assist students navigate the Australian workplace through understanding workplace culture.

Job Applications & Employability Skills icon

Job Applications & Employability Skills

Applying for an advertised position, researching an employer and etiquette. Writing a resume to a job advertisement, identifying key words and required skills. The structure of a resume and cover letter.

Interview Preparation icon

Interview Preparation

Types of interviews, body language, first impressions, introductions, behavioural questioning, gaining feedback and managing nerves.

Networking with LinkedIn icon

Networking with LinkedIn

Tips and tools to Networking through building connections including creating a LinkedIn profile and how it is used as a recruitment tool for talent and informational interviewing.


From the Job Search and Resume presentation I’ve a better understanding of how to write a Job Application and have been able to secure a Work Placement from this help.
– An International Student


The Careers Outreach Officer has a wealth of career knowledge for students 
– An RTO trainer


I had a good session in the Job Search Strategies webinar with the Careers Outreach Officer and my fellow colleagues. I have had a previous session before and she is really good at presenting and elaborating information. Now I have learnt a lot of ways to write good resumes and cover letters and know how to apply for jobs.
 – A VET student

I feel like I can find a job tomorrow with your help. Thank you so much.
 - An International Student


Over the past month, our Year 10 students have been exploring future career paths and study options and discussing their own future goals. We were very fortunate to welcome the Careers Outreach Officer from Study Gold Coast to our College as she spent the afternoon educating our students about the World of Work and working with them to formulate a plan on building a pathway towards their dream future. The students received some vital information that will be greatly beneficial as they enter the process of selecting their Senior School classes.

- An Independent High School