Careers Outreach Service

A member benefit

Study Gold Coast member institutions can access our Careers Outreach service via engaging 1 hour presentations delivered directly to students. This service aims to complement your institution’s career support services and educators in assisting students to access high-quality career support right on your campus or remotely via webinars. Each presentation is adapted to the student audience such as High School, Vocational Higher Education or English Language students.

The presentation content is designed to provide students with a range of practical Career & Employment skills and resources that are based on current career information. These presentations can be tailored and delivered to small groups or to larger groups as per member requirements. To check availability and to book this service click below. 

  • Availability: Monday to Friday

  • Timings: 9am – 4:30pm

  • Institutions: Study Gold Coast member institutions only

  • Email

Career Presentation Topics

Each Study Gold Coast member organisation has access to the following number of career presentations per calendar year.

Core Members: 8
Schools: 8
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The Mobile Careers Outreach service offers an innovative vehicle that features an interactive zone with Virtual Reality headsets showcasing 3D work experiences, an extendable screen for use with career presentations, plus a Nintendo Switch gaming console that can bring a fun and engaging approach at your next career event. Students can speak with the Careers Outreach team and discuss career options, where to find work experience opportunities, volunteering and part-time employment using the Gold Coast Student Jobs site. This service is available for on-campus events, that support Career Education, Employability or the member’s services. Please note: each Study Gold Coast member organisation has access to the below number of Mobile Careers Outreach visits, per calendar year: 

Core Members: 4
Schools: 2

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Hub Student Support 600x

STUDENT Support Appointments

Students can book individual job seeking appointments with our independent student counselling service, via the Gold Coast Student Hub. These appointments are available to help your students respond to any situation, from immediate health and wellbeing issues to assisting them with access or referrals to social, community services and job search support.

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Careers Alliance Network Study Gold Coast

Careers Alliance Network

Each member organisation is invited to nominate staff who are responsible or involved in supporting their students with Career Education or Employment related pathways, such as Heads of Departments, Guidance Officers and/or Industry Liaison Officers.

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recruitment event

Our Recruitment Event connects students on the Gold Coast with industry leaders and employers. Join us as we take the next step in empowering students and connecting them with their future careers.

Meet the Study Gold Coast Careers Team

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