The Kickstart Graduate program is designed specifically to provide graduates with practical workplace skills to build their effectiveness in their organisation. Our highly experienced training consultants deliver what big business do, but better!


Participants receive varied training through experiential learning, practical and interactive workshops, coaching from executive and career co-facilitators and mentoring through completing a significant workplace project.

Our program consists of a half-day workshop over 10 sessions from March each year, and includes a guest speaker from a local Gold Coast business.

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Program Highlights

2023 Program Details



Friday 24 March 

9am – 12pm


Kickstart! Welcome and Program Navigation - For participants and managers.

  • Understanding the program requirements and developing effective coaching conversations.
  • Learn about the growth and development of the Gold Coast - enabling participants to see the big picture.
  • Introduce Moodle - our learning management system.
  • An opportunity for participants and managers to have a current LinkedIn photo taken.
  • Engage with a panel of previous participants and managers. 


Friday 21 April

9am – 12pm

Being great at what you do! Discover your Professional Identity.

  • The difference between your personal and professional brand.
  • Discover and learn how to optimise learning styles in the workplace.
  • Understanding yourself within a career development framework.


Friday 12 May

9am – 12pm

Effective business writing skills and developing a project plan.

  • Introducing project planning, participants identify their workplace project in consultation with their manager.
  • Learning the essential components of business communication while learning how to plan and execute a project plan.
  • Consideration of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the workplace.


Friday 02 June

9am – 12pm

Resilience, managing stress and tools to build mental fitness.

  • This session is delivered by a qualified and experienced mental wellness consultant.
  • A practical and interactive session to assist participants in developing a personal mental health strategy.
  • Tools and resources to support colleagues in the workplace experiencing mental heath challenges.


Friday 14 July

9am – 12pm

Influence and Impact – The art of persuasion, selling and negotiation.

  • An engaging and powerful session that provides participants with the tools to influence and create impact in the workplace.
  • Participants learn how to confidently and ethically connect with internal and external customers to improve their experience.
  • This session is delivered by a SWISH coach (Selling With Integrity & Selling Honestly) - - An ethical communication skills tool.


Thursday 24 August

5pm - 7pm

Business networking event with Study Gold Coast.

  • Networking is a fundamental professional development skill that requires practice.
  • Participants have the opportunity to practice their networking skills at a Study Gold Coast members event.
  • This event is attended by Education representatives and industry partners.


Friday 25 August

9am – 12pm

Technology, innovation and adapting to change in the workplace. 

  • Participants explore the influence of technology within their organisation and/or field of work.
  • This session has a strong focus on technological advances, the future of work and adapting to change.


Friday 15 September

9am – 12pm

Story telling – the power of the narrative!

  • This session covers powerful tools for impactful and authentic communication, including elements of storytelling, yarning and the narrative.
  • These tools can be used in a number of professional development scenarios from presentations to interviews.
  • This session also explores giving and receiving feedback and participants begin to practice their presentation skills.


Friday 06 October

9am – 12pm

Presenting and communicating with confidence.

  • Participants learn how to make impactful presentations and communicating with confidence.
  • We explore a variety of presentation tools and resources including, PowerPoint and Canva.


Friday 27 October

9am – 12pm

Kickstart Final Event: Work Project Presentations & Program Completion - Managers are required to attend.

  • This is the final program showcase where our participants present their workplace projects to a live audience.
  • Upon successful delivery of their workplace presentation, participants are presented with their certificate of completion.
  • This is the highlight of the program as we celebrate and acknowledge the efforts and the new skills gained by the graduates.


The program cost is $375 + GST per participant. The actual value/cost of delivery is over $1,000 per participant but the remainder of the cost is subsidised by Study Gold Coast.

Program Eligibility

  • Open to all Gold Coast businesses, of any size and from any industry  
  • Participants must have completed their studies within the last 2 years or be due to complete by 30 June 2023 (studies can be from: higher education, vocational education and training and/or post-graduate study)  
  • Maximum two participants per employer unless previously arranged with Study Gold Coast
  • Participant must have commitment from line manager (manager is involved in first session, last session and receives updates throughout the course of the program)  

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