For businesses to fast track graduates in their first year of employment


Kickstart is a program designed to enhance your graduate's ability to be effective within your organisation, providing them with practical workshops, mentoring and online learning support.


Kickstart for Employers

Kickstart for Graduates


 Benefits of the program

Graduates will receive varied training through practical and interactive workshops, online learning, the completion of a significant project, networking with business leaders and peers, mentoring/coaching and on-the-job training. Graduates will gain career skills, setting them up for future success and build a professional network with other graduates and industry leaders. 

Graduates are skilled, energetic, enthusiastic and want to achieve great results. Employers will reap the benefits as graduates in the Kickstart program adapt quickly to their new workplace and role. Employers should see a return on investment through improved graduate performance, decreased training time, and savings generated by graduate projects.

Talent is right on our doorstep with thousands of students and graduates looking for valuable work experience. The Kickstart program promotes increased attraction and retention of graduate employees and the creation of a pool of future leaders within the Gold Coast community.



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