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Vision 2020 Partnership has been established as a partnership program that helps Study Gold Coast achieve its vision by 2020 and beyond. The program will support Study Gold Coast education and training members to collaborate with industry stakeholders to run initiatives that support Study Gold Coast’s strategic pillars: Student Attraction, Student Retention, Student Employability and Student Experience.

Funds will be allocated per annum to eligible consortia.

Projects funded will:

- be linked directly to Study Gold Coast’s strategic and business plans, and the City of Gold Coast Funding Agreement’s goals and targets;
- require collaborative activities and focus with at least two organisations, one being a Study Gold Coast member;
- be assessed by an independent panel and recommended to the Study Gold Coast Management Committee;
- demonstrate value for money;
- require matched contribution, financial or in-kind, by a Study Gold Coast member;
- be clear in the expected outcomes; and
- require reporting to Study Gold Coast on project progress and achievement.


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