Gold Coast Student Hub Events Sponsorship Framework

Study Gold Coast's Student Experience strategy aims to provide meaningful, end to end and authentic student experiences, projects and initiatives to all current Gold Coast students. Through this framework, Study Gold Coast aims to support key student events that build on and continue to enhance the citywide Student Experience here on the Gold Coast.

While keeping this framework under the Gold Coast Student Hub, we are able to establish relatability with our vibrant student community and raise awareness of the Gold Coast Student Hub services, facilities and events. Over the years, we have supported Study Gold Coast member multicultural, community integration and professional development events for our student community.

Terms and Conditions

Eligible Institutions:

  • Study Gold Coast Core & Ordinary Members
  • Affiliated On-Campus Student Associations

Eligible Events:

  • Multicultural
  • Networking
  • Professional Events
  • Orientation
  • Any other event that enhances Student Experience

Grant Per Application:

  • Core Member Application -  Up to $3,000.00 Per Approved Application
  • Ordinary Member Application - Up to $1,000.00 Per Approved Application

Number of Grants Per Applicant:

  • Core Members - Maximum of two grants per financial year
  • All Other Applicants - Maximum of one grant per financial year

Additional Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be an inclusive event welcoming all members of the Gold Coast Student Community
  • Must allow for co-branding with Gold Coast Student Hub physical or digital assets
  • Must provide a Post Event Insight upon completion of an approved event

Post Event Insight to include:

  • Total number of event attendees
  • Total number of student attendees
  • Event satisfaction rates/feedback
  • Mentions of any critical incidents during the event

Important Information:

  • Study Gold Coast or the Gold Coast Student Hub do not assume or hold any responsibility for the event management or operational aspects.
  • All applications are subject to approval and must be submitted a minimum of 6 weeks in advance of the proposed event date.
  • Application and Grant approval is at the discretion of Study Gold Coast.


To apply for the Events Sponsorship Framework, please complete our Application form.


Please feel free to contact Mohit on +61 5556 6111 or send us an email if any further queries on this framework.