AnK International Golf Academy is a premier golf academy based in Australia. We train champions and future champions in golf. Our holistic methodology combines technology with world-class instructors to improve the swing, enhance fitness and train ‘the game mind’.

AnK was established to meet the needs of golfers at every stage of their amateur or professional development. We provide a specialised player development platform to produce elite-class athletes.

  • Environment:

    To provide the best and most comprehensive environment to enable every athlete to achieve superior game performance.

  • Exhibition

    To provide our athletes with access to competitions and competitive golf environments to enable them to improve skills and gain experience.

  • Wellbeing

    To assist athletes to develop a balanced life between sports and life.

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"I love training with AnK Golf because I feel like I’m getting better at golf everyday. The coaches at AnK, are very helpful and the whole team is supportive of my practice and tournaments. I have tremendous respect for all the team members, who bring to the team the positive vibe and atmosphere. Not only has being a part of this great team been good for my golf, but also my life in general because it enables me to learn about different cultures and personalities that I will encounter as a LPGA Tour Professional. Also having a physiotherapist for the team has been very helpful to everyone, ensuring that our bodies are in good condition for the hard work and training that the team undergoes. I hope to continue to be with AnK Golf for a long time!"
Karis Davidson
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