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Australian International Student Tours


One Lifetime, One Encounter

Our motto sums up the experiences we hope to provide for our students and client schools.

AIST is a local International Education Consultancy and Educational Tour Provider. We assist schools to market and promote their International programs and welcome students into their student body. 

2019 sees AIST’s 10 th Anniversary, we have loved and continue to enjoy being able to assist students to have an International experience here on the beautiful Gold Coast.

We develop unique study tour programs that are designed specifically for our clients’ needs and requests. They can be subject based such as English and culture and marine studies or skills based such as leadership and team building. Our programs leave students with an experience that will last a lifetime.

AIST CEO Tanya Ferguson was an exchange student to Sri Lanka, lived and worked in Japan and the UK as an Educator. She founded the international department at an Independent Qld school and grew this program to be very successful.

These experiences afford Tanya with a unique insight into the needs of an International student as well as the school that they are going into.

At AIST we know what is needed to provide a successful experience for both the school and International Student.

  • Unique Educational Programs

    We design unique customised educational programs for our clients, we think outside the box.

  • High Quality Partner Schools

    Experienced and highly qualified staff who know what it is like to be an International student and have that experience shape their lives.

  • Customer service

    We pride ourselves on doing what is best for our students and schools. Student success and positive experiences are very important to us. Our students have amazing international experiences that will stay with them for their whole life.

australian international student tours v2


Tanya San,
Thank you for your support in the past three years. I would have literally ‘left Australia’ that time if you didn’t encourage me. I am very happy that I graduated from school. Thanks to you!

I’m grateful to have met you and get your help. Thank you is not good enough but I don’t know what else I can say.
Mina from Japan
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