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Benowa State High School


​We are a community that encourages excellence, applauds achievement and celebrates diversity. True to this belief, our school is a community of learners driven by an excellence that encompasses academic, cultural and sporting achievement. Our student numbers include some sixty international students from Asia, Europe and the Americas, each of whom adds to our celebrated intercultural diversity.

We are proudly a member of the Council of International Schools and I invite you to read more to appreciate our commitment to internationalism. Our academic programs in the middle and senior phase of learning are nationally lauded and our sporting achievements rank on both the Australian and World stage. Our links in the Pacific and France through French immersion provide an exciting curriculum in French language that attracts academic achievers to our community.

  • Specialised academic programs

  • Diverse courses

  • Flexible vocational pathways

Phone inquiries: +61 (07) 5582 7333

Benowa Logo 28.07.16
  • CRICOS NO. 00608A

  • Location 11 Mediterranean Dr, Benowa QLD 4217
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