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Blockchain Collective prides itself on creating quality blockchain education. We are the first company in Australia to develop a fully accredited Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain course (10747NAT) that complies with the stringent Australian education standards and meets the growing needs of business. The course was shaped with significant input from the blockchain industry to ensure graduates would have the necessary skills to guide the strategic application of blockchain in a business environment.

  • Unique Course in Emerging Technology

    Australia’s first fully accredited Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain

  • Career-level Knowledge

    Prepare graduates with career-level knowledge to strategically apply blockchain in a business context (not a technical coding course).

  • Demand for Skills and Industry Endorsed

    Graduates have a competitive advantage when seeking employment by having a recognised and measurable qualification. Each graduate will also receive endorsement of their skills.

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Blockchain collective


Danielle Marie
“My first introduction to Blockchain was back in 2017. Once I grasped the basics of the technology, even though I did not yet understand how it all worked, I could see it was going to change the world of business.

In 2019, I discovered the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain and was immediately interested because the course focused on the strategic business application of blockchain and was not a technical coding course. I got started right away. The course is project-based allowing me to get hands-on experience and really understand how blockchain can be applied in business models.

There is so much opportunity in the blockchain industry right now. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested being part of the digital transformation or developing the skills necessary to become a Blockchain Consultant, Project Manager, Business Analyst or event start your own blockchain-based business.”
Danielle Marie
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