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Envirotech Education is your home away from home for high school, domestic and international students.

Envirotech Education has above all a vision and mission for educating adults and youth, in the essential values required to form a strong, confident, and positive footprint across different disciplines and industries.

Envirotech is currently one of a handful of education institutions in Australia offering the Diploma of Sustainable Operations and related environmental courses, and we won’t stop! We are constantly developing new courses involving sustainability.

Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration – changing the world! Envirotech recently registered the first worldwide intellectual property of VET accreditation in Marine Courses. This recent important milestone that awarded us national and international recognition, resulted in Envirotech having the ability to offer nationally accredited courses in Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration under the VET standards, a project developed together with Australian, Israelis, Pilipino, and Brazilian Marine Scientists.

The exciting outcome is the educational reform that will allow vocational training in Marine to become trained and accredited in the first National Accredited Courses in Marine Protection jobs, and creating a new localized and afforded local skilled workforce that hopefully generates the demand to support our stressed ocean ecosystems.

Our Marine VET Standards aligns with national and international marine protection programs, including the Great Barrier Reef 2050 Long-term sustainability plan by creating marine job opportunities, as an alternative to non-sustainable fishing and reducing professional marine employment costs.

Since we consider that the ecological problems are fundamentally social, spiritual, and educational problems, our determination is to continue developing Envirotech's unique courses to address these multiple social dimensional problems by research, consultation, and collaboration with international leading educational institutions in these areas worldwide.

  • We are a yearly award winner for our educational products

    2019 – Winners of Queensland Premier Award for Sustainability. 2019 – Finalist for Premier Award for International Woman in Business. 2018 – Mayor Innovation Award – Gold Coast Business of the year, July 2018. 2017 – Queensland VET Student of the year.

  • 50% of their classes outside traditional classrooms

    Certificate III in Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration Course, students learn about marine life not only by reading about it but by touching it, experiencing it to the edge of the ocean, to the mangrove - to nature, anyway!

  • Mission Statement What is our Purpose?

    To develop worldwide education networks that assist in integrating environmental management, social sustainability, circular economy, and technology with ethics, spirituality, and innovation for community empowerment.

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Phone inquiries: +61 (0)7 5535 3766

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.envirotech.edu.au

High School Website: https://schools.envirotech.edu.au/

Logo HD Envirotech International College


youtube video 2qJisfSDmD0
Matheus is a Brazilian, Environmental Engineer in Brazil and here on the Gold Coast, he's a restaurant manager.
He has finished Certificate IV in Environmental Management and Sustainability and he is currently studying Diploma of Sustainable Operations.

Watch the video to understand the key motivations that helped him with his course selections.
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