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Ormeau Woods State High School


Ormeau Woods State High School, through the nurturing of individual talents and interests, encourage students to realise their full potential and achieve success and fulfilment in a rapidly changing world. Students will experience unique opportunities that are responsive to their needs, including academic enrichment and extension, real life learning experiences and meaningful pathways. We are committed to providing our students with the skills they need to thrive in whatever career path they choose. Our comprehensive and innovative academic curriculum features a range of excellence programs that complement our diverse subject offerings in both Junior Secondary and Senior Schools.

  • Our Motto

    “Linking Learning with Life” reflects our commitment to a curriculum and learning environment that includes experiences outside the classroom, strengthening connections between the school, families and the community.

  • Our Underpinning Beliefs

    Real learning is passionate learning. An engaging curriculum is one which is personalised, values creativity and encourages excellence. Teaching is about getting to know each child as an individual not just as a class member.

  • Our Pillars

    Ormeau Woods SHS is a school where students can excel in academic studies, cultural and creative fields, sporting pursuits and community service. These are referred to in the school as our “Four Pillars".

Contact information:

Phone: 0755409222

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://ormeauwoodsshs.eq.edu.au/

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  • CRICOS NO. 00608A

  • RTO NO. 32255

  • Location 148 Goldmine Rd, Ormeau QLD 4208
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