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At Prestige Employment Solutions, we assist local businesses to access Federal wage incentives while helping people with disabilities in the community to source meaningful employment. We work closely with businesses to implement a time-efficient and cost-effective recruitment practices that improve not only the diversity of their workforce but also reduce the training and recruitment expenses by way of having a high level of retention. We work proactively in the schools and youth communities to help disadvantage youth to develop individualised career path.

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I strongly believe that without Sandy and Prestige Employment I would not be where I find myself today. Her dedication and positive reassurance made an undeniable difference in how I thought about myself and that I was in fact very employable when I thought the complete opposite of myself. I will be forever grateful and I truly appreciate all the work she has done for me. I encourage anyone who is finding their current situation to be challenging in finding employment to gain the services of Prestige Employment and Sandy Wang.
Shannon Biszak
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