Tomorrow Is Mine

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'Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today' - Malcolm X. 

This podcast series profiles the lives of our city’s exceptional students. With over 35,000 international students from more than 130 countries, Tomorrow Is Mine celebrates the Gold Coast’s diverse student community through their achievements and contribution to the city’s rich cultural fabric. Many of these students have come to the Gold Coast after undertaking incredible personal journeys to pursue their education and their dreams for the future.

Tomorrow Is Mine is hosted by Trevor Jackson and provides tertiary students and recent graduates the chance to share their life experiences and their hopes for the opportunities that lie ahead. The future belongs to them.


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Listen to Tomorow is Mine episodes

Lydia Kek image Episode 122

Lydia Kek

Griffith University

29 Sep 2023

Leticia Alvarez image Episode 121

Leticia Alvarez

Griffith University

8 Sep 2023

Alessandra Santos image Episode 120

Alessandra Santos

Bond University

31 Aug 2023

Rahil Gadhiya image Episode 119

Rahil Gadhiya

Griffith University

18 Aug 2023

Iris Pham image Episode 118

Iris Pham

Bond University

11 Aug 2023

Braelynn Yee image Episode 117

Braelynn Yee

Human Resources
Griffith University

28 Jul 2023

Arianna Menzies image Episode 116

Arianna Menzies

Griffith University

6 Jul 2023

Mariam Hassan image Episode 115

Mariam Hassan

Film Making
New York Film Academy

30 Jun 2023

Mercy Atukunda image Episode 114

Mercy Atukunda

Griffith University

9 Jun 2023

Chris Wainwright image Episode 113

Chris Wainwright

Griffith University

9 Jun 2023

Carl Anacin image Episode 112

Carl Anacin

Griffith University

12 May 2023

Jinyang Yang image Episode 111

Jinyang Yang

Merrimac State High School

5 May 2023

Anita Kissi image Episode 110

Anita Kissi

Bond University

28 Apr 2023

Aqeedat Chishti image Episode 109

Aqeedat Chishti

Film Making,

20 Apr 2023

Kateryna Dmytriieva image Episode 108

Kateryna Dmytriieva

Leadership and Management,

13 Apr 2023

Osama Chaudry image Episode 107

Osama Chaudry

Film Making,

24 Mar 2023

Wayan Sastrayana image Episode 106

Wayan Sastrayana


17 Mar 2023

Quynh Tram Tranova image Episode 105

Quynh Tram Tranova

Czech Republic
Griffith University

16 Dec 2022

Jenny Gunnarsson image Episode 104

Jenny Gunnarsson

Speech Pathology,
Griffith University

8 Dec 2022

Mrisha Upadhyay image Episode 103

Mrisha Upadhyay

Information Technology,
Southern Cross University

2 Dec 2022

Made Handijaya Dewantara image Episode 102

Made Handijaya Dewantara

Griffith University

25 Nov 2022

David Quintero Rodriguez image Episode 101

David Quintero Rodriguez

Marketing and Communications,
Australian Pacific College

18 Nov 2022

Episode 100! image Episode 100

Episode 100!

To celebrate 100 episodes we spoke to more than a dozen students about the big issues that matter to them most. Some of their answers may surprise you.

28 Oct 2022

Huxley Peckham image Episode 99

Huxley Peckham

Business and Engineering,
Griffith University

14 Oct 2022

Sujin Kim image Episode 98

Sujin Kim

South Korea
Marine Craft Construction,

14 Oct 2022

Ben Fein image Episode 97

Ben Fein

Mental Health,

29 Sep 2022

Kelly Lizarazo Pimiento image Episode 96

Kelly Lizarazo Pimiento

Community Service,
Charlton Brown

15 Sep 2022

Mekhala Egodawele image Episode 95

Mekhala Egodawele

Sri Lanka
Business Information Systems,
Southern Cross University

9 Sep 2022

Carmen Ng image Episode 94

Carmen Ng

Dietetics and Nutrition,
Bond University

2 Sep 2022

Vicky Suzuki image Episode 93

Vicky Suzuki

Information technology,
Southern Cross University

26 Aug 2022

Ayodhya Wathuge image Episode 92

Ayodhya Wathuge

Sri Lanka
Information Systems PhD,
Southern Cross University

19 Aug 2022

Nico Hein image Episode 91

Nico Hein

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Technology,

4 Aug 2022

Enoch Onamusi image Episode 90

Enoch Onamusi

Information Technology,
Griffith University

28 Jul 2022

Bruna De Oliveira Dolenc image Episode 89

Bruna De Oliveira Dolenc

The Language Academy

21 Jul 2022

Eleni-Pinelopi Tsolakidou image Episode 88

Eleni-Pinelopi Tsolakidou

Master of Dentistry,
Griffith University

30 Jun 2022

Masooma Damarda image Episode 87

Masooma Damarda

Bachelor of Criminology,
Griffith University

23 Jun 2022

Wynnr De Castro image Episode 86

Wynnr De Castro

Bachelor of Medicine,
Bond University

16 Jun 2022

Cecilia Picaut image Episode 85

Cecilia Picaut

Diploma of Leadership and Management,
Australian Pacific College

9 Jun 2022

Twisha Bokhoree image Episode 84

Twisha Bokhoree

Master of Marketing & International Business, Griffith University

2 Jun 2022

Luigin Teofilo image Episode 83

Luigin Teofilo

Bachelor of Social Work (Hons), Griffith University

26 May 2022

Geng Tsuen Chuk image Episode 82

Geng Tsuen Chuk

Bachelor of Hospitality, Griffith University

19 May 2022

Craig Senior image Episode 81

Craig Senior

Bachelor of Business, Griffith University

12 May 2022

Dhruv Padmakumar image Episode 80

Dhruv Padmakumar

Master of Business, Bond University

5 May 2022

Andrea Paredes image Episode 79

Andrea Paredes

Painting and Decoration, Academique

21 Apr 2022

Sushant Karki image Episode 78

Sushant Karki

Computer Science, Griffith University

7 Apr 2022

Deborah Ahumada Paredes image Episode 77

Deborah Ahumada Paredes

Hospitality, Australian Pacific College

31 Mar 2022

Dean Cobler image Episode 76

Dean Cobler

Education, Griffith University

24 Mar 2022

Tom Forbes image Episode 75

Tom Forbes

Journalism, Bond University

17 Mar 2022

Susanna Eapen image Episode 74

Susanna Eapen

Nursing, Griffith University

10 Mar 2022

Dan Gordon image Episode 73

Dan Gordon

Carpentry, TAFE Queensland

3 Mar 2022

Kaiza Bertha Namuli image Episode 72

Kaiza Bertha Namuli

Social Work, Griffith University

24 Feb 2022

Eudes Zavarce image Episode 71

Eudes Zavarce

Wellness Leadership, Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy

17 Feb 2022

Majed Abuseif image Episode 70

Majed Abuseif

Architecture, Griffith University

16 Dec 2021

Jongwoo Lee Part 2 image Episode 69

Jongwoo Lee Part 2

South Korea
Carpentry, TAFE Queensland

9 Dec 2021

Jongwoo Lee Part 1 image Episode 68

Jongwoo Lee Part 1

South Korea
Carpentry, TAFE Queensland

2 Dec 2021

Annie Yang image Episode 67

Annie Yang

Tourism, Griffith University

18 Nov 2021

Michaela Maag image Episode 66

Michaela Maag

Commercial Cookery, Barrington College

11 Nov 2021

Jackson Miller image Episode 65

Jackson Miller

Exercise and Sports Science, Bond University

28 Oct 2021

Daria Andrievskaya image Episode 64

Daria Andrievskaya

Wellness and Leadership, Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy

21 Oct 2021

Devasehnan Archunan image Episode 63

Devasehnan Archunan

Aged Care, Educare College

14 Oct 2021

Gregory Suzan image Episode 62

Gregory Suzan

New Caledonia
Graphic Design, Australian Pacific College

7 Oct 2021

Bambi Diana Bonifacio image Episode 61

Bambi Diana Bonifacio

Commercial Cookery, Barrington College

30 Sep 2021

Ingo Janowski image Episode 60

Ingo Janowski

PhD in Tourism, Griffith University

23 Sep 2021

Kate Morgan and Kirk Reynoldson image Episode 59

Kate Morgan and Kirk Reynoldson

Dietetics (PhD) and Bachelor of Commerce, Bond University

16 Sep 2021

Mohit Trivedi Part 2 image Episode 58

Mohit Trivedi Part 2

International Tourism and Hotel Management, Southern Cross University

9 Sep 2021

Mohit Trivedi Part 1 image Episode 57

Mohit Trivedi Part 1

International Tourism and Hotel Management, Southern Cross University

2 Sep 2021

Amanda Wedemeyer image Episode 56

Amanda Wedemeyer

Bachelor of Public Health, Griffith University

26 Aug 2021

Cameron Del Moro image Episode 55

Cameron Del Moro

Environmental Science, Griffith University

19 Aug 2021

Mona Izzeldin  image Episode 54

Mona Izzeldin

Biomedical Science, Bond University

12 Aug 2021

Alex Cujko image Episode 53

Alex Cujko

Multimedia, Marketing and Digital Design, Griffith University

5 Aug 2021

Dan Clougherty image Episode 52

Dan Clougherty

The Barber Academy

29 Jul 2021

Jade Mellor image Episode 51

Jade Mellor

Carpentry, TAFE

22 Jul 2021

Martin Ebata image Episode 50

Martin Ebata

Sports Development, TAFE

15 Jul 2021

Gabriela Damaceno image Episode 49

Gabriela Damaceno

Masters in Philosophy, Bond University

1 Jul 2021

Mannu Kala Part 2 image Episode 48

Mannu Kala Part 2

Communications and Public Relations, Griffith University

24 Jun 2021

Mannu Kala Part 1 image Episode 47

Mannu Kala Part 1

Communications and Public Relations, Griffith University

17 Jun 2021

Luiz Perez image Episode 46

Luiz Perez

Software Development, TAFE & Southern Cross University

10 Jun 2021

Thilinika Wijesinghe image Episode 45

Thilinika Wijesinghe

Sri Lanka
PhD in Education, Southern Cross University

3 Jun 2021

Vinaya Wate image Episode 44

Vinaya Wate

Masters in Information Technology, Griffith University

27 May 2021

Alvin Yap image Episode 43

Alvin Yap

Commerce and International Business, Griffith University

20 May 2021

Eileen Chan image Episode 42

Eileen Chan

Social Work, Griffith University

13 May 2021

Joshua Ho image Episode 41

Joshua Ho

Aviation, Airways Aviation & Southern Cross University

29 Apr 2021

Gaby Dixon image Episode 40

Gaby Dixon

South Africa 
Actuarial Science, Bond University

22 Apr 2021

Natalia Monsalve image Episode 39

Natalia Monsalve

English, The Language Academy

15 Apr 2021

Naveen Makker image Episode 38

Naveen Makker

Hospitality, Griffith University

8 Apr 2021

Dania Iskandari image Episode 37

Dania Iskandari

Psychology, Griffith University

1 Apr 2021

Nikol Slynkova image Episode 36

Nikol Slynkova

Czech Republic
Marine Biology, Griffith University

18 Mar 2021

Cathryn Hackett image Episode 35

Cathryn Hackett

Nursing, Griffith University

11 Mar 2021

Simon Murphy image Episode 34

Simon Murphy

Physiotherapy, Bond University

4 Mar 2021

Enitan Ibisanmi image Episode 33

Enitan Ibisanmi

Dentistry, Griffith University

25 Feb 2021

Rika Uezono image Episode 32

Rika Uezono

Graphic Design, Griffith University

18 Feb 2021

Mikhail Eremeev image Episode 31

Mikhail Eremeev

Hospitality and Management, Griffith University

11 Feb 2021

Ida Lorenz image Episode 30

Ida Lorenz

Masters of Business Administration, Griffith University

4 Feb 2021

Alex Pereira Part 2 image Episode 29

Alex Pereira Part 2

Sports Management, Bond University

17 Dec 2020

Alex Pereira Part 1 image Episode 28

Alex Pereira Part 1

Sports Management, Bond University

10 Dec 2020

Rose Olesen image Episode 27

Rose Olesen

Marketing, Griffith University

3 Dec 2020

Ismail Shiyar  image Episode 26

Ismail Shiyar

International Tourism and Hotel Management, Southern Cross University

26 Nov 2020

Gauthier Fouques image Episode 25

Gauthier Fouques

Carpentry, TAFE Queensland

19 Nov 2020

Nayma Tarik image Episode 24

Nayma Tarik

Biomedical Science, Griffith University

12 Nov 2020

Dren Xerxa image Episode 23

Dren Xerxa

MBA, Southern Cross University

4 Nov 2020

Rose Lopez image Episode 22

Rose Lopez

Law and International Relations, Bond University

29 Oct 2020

Rohan Raphael Das image Episode 21

Rohan Raphael Das

Biomedical Science, Bond University & Southern Cross University

22 Oct 2020

Viviane Menna image Episode 20

Viviane Menna

English, Browns English Language School

15 Oct 2020

Nicholas Hofman image Epsiode 19

Nicholas Hofman

South Africa
Accounting, Southern Cross University

8 Oct 2020

Celia Innerarity image Episode 18

Celia Innerarity

Nutrition and Dietetics, Bond University

1 Oct 2020

Vipin Dhunnoo image Episode 17

Vipin Dhunnoo

Sustainable Environments, Planning and Project Management, Bond University

24 Sep 2020

Rachna Chandarana image Episode 16

Rachna Chandarana

Information Technology, Griffith University

17 Sep 2020

Maros Hrnciarik image Episode 15

Maros Hrnciarik

Marketing and Leadership, Australian Pacific College

10 Sep 2020

Beatrice Ronoh image Episode 14

Beatrice Ronoh

Global Public Health, Griffith University

3 Sep 2020

Neil Josen image Episode 13

Neil Josen

Biomedical Science, Bond University

27 Aug 2020

Carolina Hoyos image Episode 12

Carolina Hoyos

Languages and Linguistics, Griffith University

12 Aug 2020

Jazmina Tarmidi image Episode 11

Jazmina Tarmidi

Medicine, Griffith University

5 Aug 2020

Ojay Moka image Episode 10

Ojay Moka

Papua and New Guinea
Business, Southern Cross University

29 Jul 2020

Soham Pandit and Tanya Bhandari image Episode 9

Soham Pandit and Tanya Bhandari

International Tourism, Griffith University

22 Jul 2020

Emmanuelle Bryant image Episode 8

Emmanuelle Bryant

Screen and Media, TAFE Queensland

16 Jul 2020

Frankie Barcellos image Episode 7

Frankie Barcellos

Communications, Bond University

8 Jul 2020

Weiwei Zhang  image Episode 6

Weiwei Zhang

Construction, Bond University

1 Jul 2020

Shreya Kulkarni image Episode 5

Shreya Kulkarni


Marketing, Griffith University

24 Jun 2020

Ken Dinh image Episode 4

Ken Dinh

Hospitality, Southern Cross University

17 Jun 2020

Kathleen Di Paolo image Episode 3

Kathleen Di Paolo

Law, Bond University

10 Jun 2020

Joseph Prospere image Episode 2

Joseph Prospere

Business, Griffith University

3 Jun 2020

Bren Domingo image Episode 1

Bren Domingo

Industrial Design, Griffith University

25 May 2020

Podcast Reviews

5 out of 5

Gauthier Fouques

"Thanks for the podcast Trevor – you’re such a great storyteller! I really appreciate your words. Thank you for that experience."

Annie Yang.

Such a huge honour to be invited to a podcast, “Tomorrow Is Mine”, to share my story of why I chose Gold Coast & Griffith university as my study destination. You are such a great host! I feel so comfortable, feel like I had chitchat with my friends. Thanks again for having me, and for you an excellent editing job!! 

Wei Luo

"I came across your podcast and immediately became a huge fan of your channel and content! Really digging the amazing stories delivered and collaborated with students and host, presenting a wide range of mixed perspectives."

Naymah Tarik

I could not be happier than sharing my experiences and thoughts about Gold Coast as a Griffith university student class of 2020. Thank you so much, Trevor Jackson, for having me as a guest on your amazing podcast series 'Tomorrow is Mine'

Luutu Henry

"I just listened to the episode featuring Rohan Das and it reinvigorated my drive to reach out to people back home. East Africa is so proud of you Rohan!"


 "Great storytelling! Really interesting insights and expertly interviewed. Extend your “circle of care” and give it a listen"


"Fascinating! I loved hearing about how these students ended up on the Gold Coast and how their experiences have shaped them."

Kyron Armour

"This series is amazing.  I know both the people featured so far and yet I had no idea of their stories.  Both were captivating for different reasons, and both resonated with our family on a personal level.  It is interesting to have your perceptions of a situation challenged by others lived experiences.  I cannot wait for the next podcast!"

Rohan Rafael Das

“Joseph Prospere you are truly an inspiration to so many people. If you can spare the time make sure you listen to this amazing podcast. So Good!"

Michael Adams

“This. Is. Awesome.”

Sue Moses

"Trevor Jackson is a master storyteller."

Jeff Norman

“Joseph Prospere is a remarkable young man with a great story. Looking forward to the next episode.”

Simon Howell

“Bren Domingo is a legend.”

Craig Senior, Careers Coach

Having a podcast series that is local to the Gold Coast and showcasing the stories of its people and their achievements is incredible. Thank you for making this happen. I wish to be the podcast guest I needed to listen to 10 years ago.

Vinaya Wate

I had heard about the podcast ‘Tomorrow is Mine’ where students from the Gold Coast share their stories and I eagerly wanted to be a part of it. Initially I didn’t think my story would make a difference, but a mother of 8 Reshma Pade proved me wrong, as her daughter was extremely keen and excited about my journey. I was touched when the mother said, “I wish to see my daughter Maithili at your place” I was blown away by those words, realising that I have at least contributed towards Maithili’s life to set her goals high. And this makes me proud of my journey and experiences. Thank you Study Gold Coast and Trevor Jackson for giving me such a mesmerising and contributing opportunity.

Martin Ebata

It’s really motivating to hear these stories. I think you’re going to inspire a lot of students through this podcast, particularly now during the pandemic when there’s so much uncertainty in the world.

Kate Morgan, Eggy

Our startup isn’t a billion dollar company (yet), but what we can give is our experience and our story so far. Even if it helps one other nufty out there trying to cut through the noise to find out what it takes to bring together the right people to build a product that solves a problem we’d be stoked with that. It’s a story with laughs and low points beautifully steered by Trevor Jackson.

Michael Lobb

Mannu Kala is an inspiration! Really great to listen to this podcast.


Fascinating! I loved hearing about how these students ended up on the Gold Coast and how their experiences have shaped them.