Gold Coast Lifestyle



Everything you could ever hope for in a new home can be found right here on the beautiful Gold Coast.

Farms and forests can be found on the outer areas of the Gold Coast, whilst many saltwater canals make their way through the central areas. This unique landscape makes walking and watersports a big part of the city’s lifestyle.

With thousands of students coming here every year from all across the globe, you can be sure there is a fantastic student lifestyle and culture to enjoy.

A multicultural and relaxed attitude can be found everywhere here, making sure you will feel comfortable and welcomed from the day you arrive. It's this famous Gold Coast lifestyle, as well as the many world-class learning institutions on offer, that make the Gold Coast such a wonderful place to study.

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Whether you're going out for dinner in Chinatown or enjoying a picnic by the beach, you will notice you're always welcome and part of the community.

The Gold Coast community is made up of many different cultures, age groups and types of people. Many groups exist across the city based on people's common interests. These form smaller communities that others can support or become part of.

Joining sports clubs, signing up for arts and crafts classes, or learning a new skill are just some of the ways you can become more involved in the many communities that make up the Gold Coast.

Don't be scared to reach out to new people or try something you wouldn't usually do at home. The Gold Coast is a place in which you can always feel relaxed.