Living on the Gold Coast

Everything you could ever hope for in a new home can be found right here on the beautiful Gold Coast.

Farms and forests surround the outer areas of the Gold Coast, while the city has more canals and waterways than Venice. In this idyllic landscape with a near perfect climate, outdoor pursuits like walking, cycling and water sports play a big part in the city’s lifestyle.

With tens of thousands of international students from all across the globe choosing to make the Gold Coast their second home you can be assured of enjoying a richly diverse lifestyle within a supportive local culture. A third of the city’s residents were born overseas, creating a truly multicultural city, but it’s the Gold Coast’s laid back lifestyle that has earned us the reputation of being one of the most welcoming and liveable cities.

With our world-class education and training facilities, the Gold Coast is simply a wonderful place to study.

How to get to the Gold Coast?

gold coast airport

Gold Coast Airport

Coolangatta Airport (Gold Coast) is located at the southern end of the Gold Coast. It is approximately 40 minutes by car to Surfers Paradise.

There are many transport options to get you to and from Coolangatta airport which include taxis, hiring a car, the tram (G:Link) or the SkyBus.


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brisbane airport

Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport is a major international airport that connects Queensland with many other parts of the world.

From Brisbane Airport, you can travel to the Gold Coast by car in approximately one hour. Alternatively, you can travel on a direct train from Brisbane Airport to the Gold Coast which takes approximately 90 minutes.

Many private companies offer shuttle bus connections from Brisbane Airport to or from your exact accommodation location on the Gold Coast.


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con x ion


One of the most popular shuttle bus companies for travellers and students visiting the Gold Coast is Con-X-ion.

Con-X-ion provides a frequent and direct door-to-door shuttle transfer from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns Airports to and from your accommodation or private residence.


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Getting Around

With one long road connecting most of the Gold Coast, it is quite easy to get around once you are here. There are many different options of transport around the Gold Coast, including taxis, car hire, the G-Link (tram network) and buses.

Taxis are a good option if you would like door-to-door transport, particularly if travelling alone or at night.

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