Gold Coast Student Accommodation Grant – Terms and Conditions

By applying for the Student Accommodation Grant, you agree to the Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) and privacy statement outlined herewith.

By applying for the Accommodation Grant you agree to receive information and marketing communications from Gold Coast Education and Training Network Inc. trading as Study Gold Coast (“Promoter”) in accordance with the Study Gold Coast Privacy Policy located at

The Accommodation Grant is awarded to genuine Current or Future Students.

Applicants should not base their decision to study on the outcome of their Accommodation Grant application. All applicants are not guaranteed of being awarded the Accommodation Grant.

Information on how to apply and the description of the Accommodation Grant form part of these Terms.

This Program commences at 9:00am on 10 June 2020 and closes at 5:00pm on 31 March 2021. All times quoted are local Queensland Australia times.

Eligible students may apply for the Accommodation Grant online at by filling in first name, last name, gender, date of birth, email address, home address, country of origin, languages, mobile number, and Unique Student Identifier (USI) on the online application form. In addition, the following responses are required:

  • Are you currently studying? (Name of institution, Town & State/Province, Country, Course, Student ID number)
  • Have you applied to study at a Gold Coast education institution? (Name of institution, Location, Course)
  • Have you been accepted at the Gold Coast education institution? (Start date)
  • Do you have any allergies or health concerns?
  • Do you prefer to stay at a Homestay or another accommodation provider?
  • Introduction
  • Supporting statement
  • Plans for accommodation post the accommodation grant period
  • How did you hear about Study Gold Coast’s Accommodation Grant?

Applicants may be of any age. If an Applicant is under the age of eighteen (18) years, they must have a Parent or Legal Guardian sign the online application form.

All applications become the property of Study Gold Coast.

Study Gold Coast's selection decisions for the Accommodation Grant are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Each Applicant that has a successful application (“Recipient”) will be awarded the Accommodation Grant (valued at $3,580.00) and will receive:

  • Up to 10 weeks accommodation to the total value of $3,455.00 inc GST
  • “Village Roadshow ONE PASS” (12 months entry from 1st visit, valid for one adult or child)

Any change in the value of the Grant between the publishing date and the date that the award is claimed is not the responsibility of the Promoter.

The Accommodation Grant is not transferable, exchangeable, or redeemable for cash.

The Recipient acknowledges that the award, or any component of the award, may be subject to the standard terms and conditions of the individual award supplier(s) and may be subject to additional terms and conditions imposed by third parties. The Recipient must become acquainted with any such additional terms and conditions prior to accepting the award.  The Promoter does not accept any responsibility and is not liable for any additional conditions imposed on the taking of the award by third parties, or for the breach of those conditions by any person. The acceptance of the award creates a relationship between the award winner and the individual award supplier(s) and the Promoter is not responsible for, and accepts no liability in relation to, any loss, damage or claim that may be incurred by the award winner as a result of the award winner’s decision to accept the award.

The Promoter will use its best endeavours to provide the award as listed.  If the award (or any element of the award) is unavailable, the Promoter, in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to substitute the award (or that part of the award) with an award of equivalent value and/or specification, subject to any written directions from a regulatory authority. 


Applicant means a Current Student or Future Student who applies for the Accommodation Grant

Current Student means an onshore (domestic or international) student enrolled in a Qualification with an education institution at the time the application is made (excluding students that currently reside on the Gold Coast).

Accommodation Grant means the provision of financial assistance to a Current Student or Future Student under an Accommodation Grant in accordance with these Terms.

Future Student means a prospective onshore (domestic or international) student intending to enrol in a Qualification with a Gold Coast education institution at the time the application is made.

Next Period of Study means the next semester or block of study in a Qualification.

Qualification means an accredited program of study offered by a recognised Gold Coast institution including universities, TAFE, English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS), Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or school.

Selection process means a group of Study Gold Coast representatives assigned to reviewing all Accommodation Grant applications, approving those selected and liaising with Applicants, Gold Coast education institutions and Homestay or accommodation providers to fulfil applications.

Start of Study means the commencement of the Next Period of Study.

Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a national initiative to link an individual’s training activity to a single online source. It is a mandatory requirement for Training Providers to record an individual’s USI within their Student Management System to enable them to lawfully issue a Qualification.


To be eligible for the Accommodation Grant, the Applicant must be a Current Student enrolled for the Next Period of Study or a Future Student intending to enrol in a Gold Coast education Qualification for the Next Period of Study. 

Students enrolled in short courses or non-accredited courses are not eligible to apply. The course must be at least a duration of 25 weeks to be eligible for the Accommodation Grant. 

Due to current border closures, offshore international students are not eligible to apply. The latest information for travel to Australia is located here

Students are not eligible to apply if their commencement date is prior to their application date for the Student Accommodation Grant.

Employees of Study Gold Coast are not eligible to apply. 

Non-Gold Coast current students part way through their current Australian Qualification are eligible to apply provided there is one full semester (or no less than three months) of that Qualification remaining from the commencement of the Next Period of Study. 

Only one application per student is permitted. 

The Accommodation Grant is offered for a specific Qualification in an industry area during the Next Period of Study and is not transferable to another Qualification, except with the permission of the Promoter acting in its absolute discretion. 

The Accommodation Grant is not transferable to other individuals. 

The Accommodation Grant is offered to one person only and therefore couples and dependents are not eligible to stay at the accommodation. 

Successful applicants currently located offshore or interstate may be required as a condition of their entry into Australia and/or Queensland to undertake a quarantine period as mandated by the Australian Federal or State Government. The costs associated with a quarantine period are to be covered by the student and are not a part of the Accommodation Grant.

In order to be eligible the student's course must commence prior to 30 June 2021. 

Selection criteria

The following selection criteria will be used as part of the Selection process:

  1. a fully completed Accommodation Grant application form including declaration of having read and understood these Terms (signed application form);
  2. a sufficient supporting statement and;
  3. evidence of acceptance to transfer to or commence study at their chosen Gold Coast education institution (Confirmation of Enrolment [COE] document from the student’s institution).

Application process

Applications must be completed and submitted via

Applicants must specify if they are currently studying and if yes, they must provide the name of the institution, its town and state/province and country.

Applicants must specify if they have applied to study at a Gold Coast education institution and if yes, they must provide the name of the institution, the campus location and the name of the course.

Applicants must provide evidence of acceptance by a Gold Coast education institution (Confirmation of Enrolment). Evidence may be provided after the application form is submitted to email [email protected].

Applicants will have the opportunity to attach any relevant documentation (maximum 5 documents) in support of their application e.g. letters of support, certificates, Confirmation of Enrolment etc.

Applications submitted without all mandatory questions answered will not be considered.

The Promoter is under no obligation to advise an Applicant if their application conforms to the process and criteria set out in these Terms.

The Promoter reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of any application (including an Applicant's identity, age, place of residence, proof of current study or future study (Confirmation of Enrolment) and any other relevant documentation) and disqualify any Applicant who tampers with the Accommodation Grant process or who submits an application that Study Gold Coast, in its sole discretion, deems to be offensive, inappropriate, defamatory or otherwise not in keeping with the spirit of the Accommodation Grant.

Every Applicant who successfully applies via the online application form will receive confirmation via email of their application being received.

Applicants should not assume their application has been lodged unless this confirmation email is received. No responsibility will be accepted by the Promoter for late, lost, or misdirected applications. Incomplete, indecipherable, or illegible applications will be deemed invalid.

The Promoter is not responsible for any problems the Applicant has sending or receiving communication, including technical malfunction of a computer or any associated matters related to the Applicant’s access or use of technology.

All information supplied as part of the application process must be true and correct at the time of submission and the Applicant must inform the Promoter immediately if any information supplied as part of the application becomes incorrect after the date of submission.

These Terms apply to any application for the Accommodation Grant submitted to Study Gold Coast.

By applying for the Accommodation Grant to Study Gold Coast, the Applicant warrants that they have read, understood, and accepted these Terms.

Applicants may withdraw their application at any time by emailing such advice to [email protected].

The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw the Accommodation Grant at any stage within the process.

Students must stay engaged and enrolled with the education provider throughout the term of the Accommodation Grant.

Evidence to attach to the application

Applicants must provide evidence of acceptance (Confirmation of Enrolment document from their institution) into their nominated course at a Gold Coast education institution with their application form submission or by separate email to Study Gold Coast.

Current Students must supply their USI. Future Students should include their USI if they have one. A USI can be obtained at

Unsuccessful Applicants

Applicants who have been successfully awarded the Accommodation Grant cannot re-apply.

Applicants who have been successfully awarded the Accommodation Grant and do not complete the first semester (or equivalent) of the Qualification become excluded from any future Study Gold Coast applications (unless extenuating circumstances apply).

Unsuccessful Applicants may re-apply for Study Gold Coast future programs.

Administration of the Accommodation Grant

Selection and awarding of Accommodation Grant will be conducted by a selection process comprising representatives from Study Gold Coast and any other person selected by the Promoter.

The Promoter reserves the right to make additional offers to Applicants that do not meet the criteria outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

The Promoter will notify all Applicants, in writing (by email), of the outcome of their application.

Successful applicants will receive notification (by email) of their successful submission with next steps in processing their application for a Gold Coast Homestay family encompassing ten (10) weeks accommodation and meals or accommodation only (up to 10 weeks) with another accommodation provider.

All selection members will declare any conflict of interest, prior to the selection process.

Documentary evidence will be maintained by the selection process.

Each application will be individually judged according to its merits and having regard to the selection criteria set out in these Terms. Students currently residing in 100 kilometres of Southport, Gold Coast will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

The outcome of the selection process is final and binding.

Successful Applicants are not required to pay any monies towards their application for up to ten (10) weeks accommodation and meals with a Gold Coast Homestay family, or accommodation with another accommodation provider (to the value of $3,455.00) or the “Village Roadshow ONE PASS”.

Successful Applicants who choose to stay at non-Homestay accommodation will be required to pay a bond to the accommodation provider. Study Gold Coast accepts no responsibility for any damage to property caused by a student. 

The Promoter will pay the Gold Coast Homestay provider or another accommodation provider directly for the administration, up to 10 weeks accommodation (to the value of $3,455.00) per each successful Accommodation Grant applicant.

In addition, the Promoter will purchase the “Village Roadshow ONE PASS” from Village Roadshow Theme Parks on behalf of the Recipient.

The Promoter is not responsible for payment of any of the Recipient’s education fees, relocation and moving expenses, travelling, miscellaneous purchases or associated costs.

Awarding of the Accommodation Grant

The Accommodation Grant is awarded to worthy Applicants who, at the absolute discretion of the selection process, have fulfilled the selection criteria.

Upon acceptance by the selection process, the Promoter will send an email to inform the Recipient. This email will include the name of the nominated Gold Coast Homestay provider or another accommodation provider who will progress their application.

Successful Applicants are required to enter into a separate agreement with their Homestay or accommodation provider and are bound to the Homestay or accommodation provider’s Terms and Conditions.

The Accommodation Grant is awarded for the Next Period of Study, the program is not retrospective for completion of a Qualification. No deferment of the Program is allowed.

The award of the Accommodation Grant is subject to evidence of a confirmed course placement with a Gold Coast education institution and the Applicant must receive a place in the Qualification before the awarded Accommodation Grant is confirmed and progressed with a Gold Coast Homestay or another accommodation provider.

The Promoter is not responsible for the Homestay/accommodation administration and placement. Upon awarding the Accommodation Grant to the Recipient, Study Gold Coast will connect the Recipient with a Gold Coast Homestay or another accommodation provider for processing and placement. The usual Homestay or accommodation provider’s process for evaluating and assessing a student for accommodation as well as sourcing accommodation, is the sole responsibility of the Homestay or accommodation provider.

It is sole responsibility of the Recipient to fulfil the administrative requirements of the Homestay or accommodation provider to process their application.

The Recipient for the Accommodation Grant is not guaranteed a placement with a Homestay family as this is dependent on the suitability and matching a student with a Homestay family and availability at the time of the application and/or the student beginning their course with a Gold Coast education institution. If the Homestay provider is unable to offer a Homestay family placement for any reason, an alternate option may be provided with another accommodation provider or the successful Applicant’s Accommodation Grant offer will be null and void.

The “Village Roadshow ONE PASS” will be handed to the Recipient upon their first visit to the Gold Coast Student Hub at 43 Nerang Street, Southport Qld 4215 after the Promoter is advised by the Homestay or accommodation provider in writing that the Recipient’s Homestay placement or accommodation booking has been processed and confirmed.

The Promoter will not offer any compensation to the Recipient if the offer is revoked.

The Promoter is not responsible for the Recipient’s accommodation, meals or associated costs after the Accommodation Grant period ends.

Duration of Accommodation Grant

The Accommodation Grant offer is available for a limited time based on:

  1. the number of applicants
  2. the funding available for the Program
  3. the availability of the Gold Coast Homestay families or alternate accommodation options

The Promoter may cease the Accommodation Grant offer at its own discretion and with no advance notice. The Accommodation Grant website landing page, application form and any related marketing activities will be removed/ended accordingly. The Promoter will fulfil payments for any Homestay placements or accommodation bookings as awarded by the selection process regardless of whether the offer is discontinued.

Termination of Accommodation Grant

The Promoter has discretion to terminate the Accommodation Grant, not make any further Homestay or accommodation provider payments and to recover any Homestay/accommodation payments already made on behalf of a Recipient in the event of any of the following:

  1. the behaviour of the Recipient on or off campus is considered to bring the Accommodation Grant, the Promoter, Gold Coast Homestay provider, accommodation providers or education institutions into disrepute;
  2. cancellation of enrolment or deferral of study in the year of the award without sufficient rationale;
  3. are in breach of the Homestay or accommodation provider’s Terms and Conditions

Once terminated, the Accommodation Grant will not be reinstated for the Recipient.


Other than any liability that cannot be excluded by law (including the Australian Consumer Law), the Promoter (including its officers, employees and agents) excludes all liability (including negligence), for any personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the Accommodation Grant and any loss or damage (including loss of opportunity), whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of the Accommodation Grant, including, but not limited to, where arising out of the following:

  1. any technical difficulties or equipment malfunction (whether or not under the Promoter's control);
  2. any application that is late, lost, altered, damaged or misdirected (whether or not after their receipt by the Promoter) due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of the Promoter;
  3. any theft, unauthorised access or third party interference;
  4. any tax liability incurred by an Accommodation Grant Recipient; and
  5. participation in any aspect of the Accommodation Grant.

Contact details

All correspondence relating to the Accommodation Grant should be directed to the Promoter selection process by email at [email protected].

Privacy Statement

Study Gold Coast is collecting your information to manage your application for the Accommodation Grant and in accordance with Study Gold Coast’s privacy policy which is located at

Your personal information will be disclosed and shared with Gold Coast Homestay provider or another accommodation provider and education institutions (unless you formally advise Study Gold Coast not to provide this information).

Personal information collected may also be disclosed to third parties with your consent or as permitted or required by law. Your information will be stored securely. If you wish to access or correct any of your information, discuss how it has been managed, or have a concern or complaint about the way your personal information has been collected, used, stored or disclosed, please contact Study Gold Coast by email at [email protected]. The Accommodation Grant provider is Gold Coast Education and Training Network Inc., Study Gold Coast (ABN 35036042606) of 43 Nerang Street, Southport Qld 4215 Australia.