A Carefree and Convenient Life


In 2017 Xuanle Hao left Guilin, a small city in southern China to undertake a Bachelor of Business Degree in Sydney. Xuanle now wishes that she’d just come straight to the Gold Coast instead.

“During those three years I was in Sydney I spent virtually all my time either at university or living in my apartment. I was living and studying in the western suburbs and it would take me hours to get to the city or the beach. Sydney was too big and impersonal for me as a city, I never really felt connected with the student community or anyone else there”, she says.

Next move

Towards the end of her degree Xuanle began to consider what her next move might be, that’s when she applied for a Master of Construction Practice at Bond University.

“The Gold Coast appealed to me for a number of reasons. Studying at a regional destination meant I would qualify for the three-year post study work visa, but more than that I felt that there would definitely be more work opportunities in my field given the city’s strong construction industry. I majored in Property with my Business Degree, so the course at Bond was a good fit for me.”

Xuanle first heard about Study Gold Coast’s Student Accommodation Grant through her enquiries with Bond University.

Very welcome

“It was pretty clear to me that the Gold Coast is a city that cares about its international students. When I applied for the Grant I was given a lot of information about what the Gold Coast has to offer and when I arrived I wasn’t disappointed. I have to say I was surprised at how easy everything is here – I feel very welcome.

“The accommodation at Bond is very good, much better than I expected. When I was living in Sydney I was in an apartment with six single bedrooms and a shared common area. Here I have a studio to myself on campus. The ten week’s rental support has been incredibly helpful in relieving my financial burden. I would probably be living elsewhere without it.”

Easy mobility

In contrast to her Sydney experience Xuanle enjoys the convenience of living on the Gold Coast. “It’s a small city so it’s really easy to go anywhere – even without a car it’s just a quick bus or tram ride to where I need to go. I can get off the bus and walk to the beach in just a few minutes.”

Access to the beach is so much easier says Xuanle, and far less crowded too.

 Xuanle says that studying at Bond is also a big improvement. “I feel better connected here. I have better relationships with my tutors and lecturers. The tutors are very helpful and reply very quickly to my questions outside of class. I never felt like I could approach my tutors after hours in Sydney.”

Find out more about the Student Accommodation Grant here.


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