All In The Family


This sisterly bond is unbreakable. Four of Bundaberg's five Conradie sisters - Marzel, 24, Leandre, 23, Suzanne, 22, and Christi, 18 - are either graduates or students at Bond University. Now the youngest of the quintet, Elaine, 16, looks set to follow in their footsteps.

With the university's Personal Open Day season beginning last week, the sisters reunited on campus to give the Year 10 student at St Luke’s Anglican School an early guided tour.

Elaine came away impressed. "Bond is a great university with a beautiful campus,” she said. “I love how it offers a balanced academic and social life. I would really like to go to Bond to study Medicine.”

No shortage of advice

As you'd expect there won't be any shortage of tips or advice from her siblings. Marzel has a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and is studying a Doctor of Medicine; Leandre has a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Master of Occupational Therapy; Suzanne has a Bachelor of Biomedical Science/Bachelor of Laws and is studying a Master of Occupational Therapy; Christi is studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

Bond campus

The Conradie family are a textbook case of making the most of an opportunity after moving from Johannesburg to Bundaberg in 2005 for a better life. 

“South Africa isn’t the safest place and there aren't as many opportunities for young people there and my parents wanted to give us the best opportunities in life,” Leandre said. “I think our parents have always set an example that we have to chase our dreams and work hard to get there. Nothing comes easy, but hard work pays off. They have taught us that we can achieve anything.”

With their parents based in Bundaberg where father Dr Andre Conradie is a cardiologist and mother Herna works in education, the five siblings are spread from Bundaberg to the Gold Coast.

Studying Together

“We all wanted to be together so four of us ended up studying at Bond,” Leandre said. “It was exciting to come to Bond and explore a new place, to be able to explore the Gold Coast together and support each other with our studies. “I’ve moved back to Bundaberg and am currently working in an occupational therapy private practice in pediatrics, working with kids and I really love it."

The Good Universities Guide recently ranked Bond University No.1 in Australia for student experience for a 15th consecutive year. In keeping with its No.1 ranking for student-teacher ratio, prospective students attending Personal Open Day will receive a VIP tour of the university from their own tour guide.

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