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Help For Those In Need During Troubled Times


It took some time before Kelvin Nyantika found his ideal study destination. “I just fell in love with this city, it reminds me so much of my home of Mombasa in Kenya,” remarked Kelvin. “There’s such a relaxed atmosphere here and the universities are so well resourced, I just wish I’d undertaken more research about what the Gold Coast had to offer before I left Africa.”

While Kelvin had at long last found his new home in 2020 it’s proven to be a challenging year for him, as it has for so many international students and that's where the Gold Coast Student Hub was able to provide assistance.

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MoU to Create Opportunities for Education Sector


Earlier this month Mayor Tom Tate, Chief Innovation & Economy Officer Ian Hatton and Study Gold Coast CEO Alfred Slogrove took part in a virtual MoU signing with Da Nang. The Vietnamese city of 1.2 million people is the commercial and education centre of central Vietnam and also has a flourishing tourism sector. In establishing this relationship Cr Tate observed that both the Gold Coast and Da Nang share many similarities including topography (ocean, river and mountains) and industries (tourism, education, marine, innovation).

The Memorandum of Understanding to Establish Friendship and Cooperation is the first step in the creation of an international sister city partnership between Da Nang and the Gold Coast.

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Food Relief For International Students


The need for support within our international student community has never been more keenly felt than during the COVID-19 crisis. With many students struggling to cope at this time Study Gold Coast has stepped in to help the city's international students with two key food relief initiatives.

The first has seen the creation of thousands of meals prepared by a skilled brigade of chefs and delivered frozen to students in need. The second is the establishment of grocery program with packs containing essential items made available to further assist Gold Coast students.    

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The New Teaching Environment


He’s a veteran of remote teaching - but two weeks into online lessons at Bond University, Dr James Birt has found time to learn a few new tricks himself. Dr Birt has been teaching remotely - as well as in person - for almost a decade.

The Associate Professor of computer gaming said he had been having a “great time” since Bond resumed classes for its students two weeks ago, with full class attendance and students from multiple disciplines learning about game design, virtual and augmented reality.


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Riviera Apprentice Graduates Kickstart Their Career Through Mentor Program


Australia’s largest luxury motor yacht builder Riviera, based on the Gold Coast, continues its commitment to fostering excellence by encouraging its apprentice graduates to participate in a new initiative aimed at enhancing their skills and career pathways.

Over a six-month term, graduates of the Riviera apprenticeship program team up with a mentor at Riviera’s Coomera production facility as part of Study Gold Coast’s Kickstart program.

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The Virtual Gold Coast Student Hub


Study Gold Coast has transitioned the Gold Coast Student Hub online allowing students to remain connected and supported during these challenging times. 

The Virtual Hub was created in response to the Federal Government’s COVID-19 social distancing policies with Gold Coast Student Hub moving temporarily online to ensure Gold Coast students continue to receive the services, support and social opportunities that they’ve come to enjoy through the Gold Coast Student Hub.


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Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone!


"I didn’t think I could grow so much professionally in such a short period of time." Shreya Kulkarni is studying her Masters in Marketing at Griffith University. This is her remarkable account of her internship experience at HTG Solutions on the Gold Coast.

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How A Philosophy Of Fish Can Lead To A Happier Work Life


Twenty years ago documentary filmmaker John Christensen was shopping in a Seattle market when he heard a loud cheer in the distance. He followed the sound to discover fishmongers throwing fish to each other and their customers in spectacular fashion. While it was clearly entertaining it became apparent to John that these fishmongers, despite getting up at ungodly hours and working long and physically demanding days clearly enjoyed their jobs as they went out of their way to please their customers. When John later returned with a crew to film the fishmongers’ story it became clear to him that there were four simple practices they used that could be adapted to create job contentment, customer satisfaction and increase productivity in any workplace and with that Fish Philosophy was born.

Fish Philosophy has since been embraced by businesses of all shapes and sizes with incredible results. Last week the PST Training Store’s Danielle Peters shared the Fish Philosophy with Study Gold Coast members over breakfast in the Gold Coast Student Hub.  

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Would You Like Some Upskilling With Your Coffee Sir?


Local students are setting out to provide delicious BBQ food and coffee to the community via a mobile food and beverage cart through a new incentive designed to take the training conversation to the people of the Gold Coast. 

The Education Coffee and BBQ Cart will create a relaxed social environment allowing employers, current students, potential clients, prospective students and community members to connect over coffee and food while highlighting the advantages of upskilling to enhance employability and canvas work placement opportunities for TAFE students. At the same time hospitality and event students will gain workplace learning experience by developing technical and employer valued soft skills while preparing and serving food and coffee from the cart.

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Breaking The Paradigms In Education And Industry


The world is changing faster than most of us can grasp and at an ever-increasing rate. Traditional notions of career pathways and job descriptions are being created almost daily to the point where asking a child what they want to be when they grow up is almost a redundant question. The real question for parents and educators alike is: “how do we give our children the skills they need to not only adapt, but thrive in an increasingly uncertain future?”

Recently Study Gold Coast invited a number of innovators to address the city’s education and training sector to demystify entrepreneurship and why we need to develop enterprise skills within our curriculum to meet the needs of the 21st century workplace. Leading the discussion was Dr Baden U’Ren, Bond University’s Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Leanne Kemp, Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur.

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To Boldly Go Where Few Young Men Have Gone Before
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Ground Breaking Autism School opens on Gold Coast
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