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Don’t Be So Reckless


Bullying has been with us ever since we had to compete as an evolutionary species - so long that it’s been an inherent behavioural trait within the aggressors among us. In modern times it’s reared its...

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Southern Cross University Launches Employability Program for Students with Disabilities


Universities are agents of transformation: they provide students with the necessary knowledge to create a more meaningful and successful future - one where they can realise their unique potential to a...

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Engineering’s Virtual Future


GANDEN Engineers and Project Managers are one of Australia’s leading water and wastewater consultancies. The Gold Coast based company assists their clients in design, procurement, commissioning and op...

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Vision 2020


Congratulations to the successful applicants for Study Gold Coast’s Vision 2020 partnership program. Vision 2020 is designed for the Gold Coast’s education and training sector to partner with industry...

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Ideas Take Over the Streets of Southport


The Exchange Ideas Festival 2018 brought a fresh breeze of thoughts to the lively neighborhood of Southport as young students and professionals – either by chance or intention, gathered on Nerang Stre...

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The Startup Giving Students A Leg Up


Anonyome Labs is a tech company that specialises in data security by allowing people to take control of their private information. Their motto is ‘it’s not our work life, it’s our life’s work’.

The c...

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Gold Coast Students Get The Big Picture


Last year Chris Boyd read an article about bullying in a local high school and he knew he needed to do something about it. As a veteran film maker with the Glass Media Group he knew that his experienc...

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Young Minds Driving Future Tech to Solve Real World Problems


Every year for the past five years tech savvy high school students on the Gold Coast have helped solve real world problems through the Mayor’s Telstra Technology Awards.

Dr James Birt, an Associate P...

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Little Feelgood Moments


In 2017 during his final year of IT at Griffith University, former Mayor’s Student Ambassador Josh Murchie attended a startup weekend organised by Study Gold Coast. Within the space of 12 months the s...

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Architecture Student’s Inspirational Vision for Mumbai


Mumbai authorities look at the Dharavi slum and see an eyesore of ragtag huts and open sewers. Dhruv Arora sees architectural inspiration and a holdout of authentic Indian culture in an increasingly W...

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Overcoming Culture Shock
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From OP to ATAR – Queensland’s Changing Secondary Education System
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Ground Breaking Autism School opens on Gold Coast
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