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Students Turn to Science For Solutions


Students from the Queensland Academy of Health Sciences (QAHS) on the Gold Coast have developed a series of scientific concepts focussed on marine biodiversity, pitching their ideas to an esteemed panel including Dr Alan Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist, along with scientists from Griffith University and Nigeria’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

One of the project teams looked at more efficient processes of desalination, a pertinent issue locally with the Gold Coast's desalination plant. Sarah Rao, one of the students working on that project says: “If we could create a more efficient means of purification and implement it here successfully we could then export the concept to other parts of the world.”

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STEAM Academy Nurtures the Digital Minds of Tomorrow


Merrimac State High School is nurturing the digital minds of tomorrow through its STEAM (Science, Technology, Enterprise, Arts and Maths) Academy in robotics and artificial intelligence by preparing their students for a technological world through a comprehensive technology program.

The Academy, led by former software engineer Daniel Ricardo and supported by Merrimac State High School’s leadership team, was launched 5 years ago after identifying limiting opportunities for students to engage in the fields of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. In establishing the program Daniel Ricardo eplains Merrimac’s thinking: “We looked around at what other schools were doing and made a commitment to give our students the opportunity to explore technological concepts through practical applications and develop their digital skills to better prepare them for the world beyond school.”

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Free At Last To Study On Campus


It’s every extrovert’s worst nightmare – two weeks locked up in isolation. But for 20 year-old student Stephanie White, the prospect of a fortnight spent completely alone wasn’t enough to keep her away from the Gold Coast – with the help of yoga, Netflix, Bond University friends and FaceTime calls from grandma. Not to mention the prospect of enjoying the sunny Gold Coast for her first meal out of lockdown since May.

Ms White, who is completing a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Psychological Science, returned to campus at Bond for its third trimester, while observing social distancing and public health restrictions after spending the past few months locked down in Melbourne.

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Students Shape Early Learning Future


A Gold Coast high school has invited its students to design a new facility in the school, giving them direct input into shaping the early learning experience for future students. Year 11 Design and Innovation students at Saint Stephen’s College were asked to create a design to redevelop the school’s Early Learning Centre play area. The students worked in teams utilising CAD (computer aided design) modelling and the latest thinking in early childhood playground concepts.

The design students taking up the challenge were Alani Perkins (main photo), Brock Cameron, Camryn Voerman, Jessica Craft and Zoe Hood, with each visiting the ELC site before consulting with stakeholders, including Saint Stephen’s College Principal Kim Cohen and ELC Director Kellie Solomons to ensure their concepts met the project’s design criteria. Their plans also had to meet all safety requirements for an early learning centre.

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All In The Family

This sisterly bond is unbreakable. Four of Bundaberg's five Conradie sisters - Marzel, 24, Leandre, 23, Suzanne, 22, and Christi, 18 - are either graduates or students at Bond University. Now the youngest of the quintet, Elaine, 16, looks set to follow in their footsteps.

"Bond is a great university with a beautiful campus," Elaine said. “I love how it offers a balanced academic and social life. I would really like to go to Bond to study Medicine.”

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Just The Ticket


Krish Rawal is an aspiring pilot from New Delhi. Originally the 19 year old came to Australia to study aviation in Sydney, but he soon realised that his course of study there would place limitations on his opportunities after graduation. After a little online research Krish found the course he was looking for on the Gold Coast.

After Krish’s application was accepted by Southern Cross University he heard about Study Gold Coast’s Student Accommodation Grant which covers up to 10 weeks’ accommodation for new students enrolling to study on the Gold Coast.

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To Boldly Go Where Few Young Men Have Gone Before


Business administration tends to be dominated by women, but that hasn’t stopped Jett Podesta from seizing his opportunity in the field. The Year 11 Merrimac State High School student is currently undertaking a traineeship with the Aurora Training Institute as part of his Certificate III in Business Administration.

Aurora’s General Manager of Operations for South East Queensland Kim Little illustrates the gender imbalance in business administration from experience. “Jett is just the second male trainee we’ve had in the 10 years we’ve been doing this. We have an office full of females, so the girls get excited when a male shows interest in working here. It’s nice to see young men like Jett apply for these positions.”

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This Is The Place Where I Belong


Sylvia Horusman first came to Australia for a holiday in 2016. She loved the experience so much that 3 months later Sylvia was living here. A qualified barber, Sylvia originally moved from her home in Indonesia to Melbourne where she found work while undertaking a series of courses including English language, marketing and business studies.   

When Melbourne’s cold weather started to get to her Sylvia began to look at other potential Australian destinations with a more favourable climate and that’s when she discovered the Gold Coast.

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Lockdown Learning Lands Siobhan A Job


The COVID-19 pandemic provided some unique challenges this year; lockdown, physical distancing, job security as well as remote learning and working.

Almost overnight thousands of workers were displaced across the country, including Gold Coast hairdresser Siobhan Mulqueen who was stood down after restrictions mandated the closure of salons.

However Siobhan turned her uncertainty into an opportunity by enrolling in TAFE Queensland’s range of free mirco-credentials.  

The 30-year-old spent her newly found free time upskilling in a range of areas such as customer service, business and accounting.

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