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To Boldly Go Where Few Young Men Have Gone Before


Business administration tends to be dominated by women, but that hasn’t stopped Jett Podesta from seizing his opportunity in the field. The Year 11 Merrimac State High School student is currently undertaking a traineeship with the Aurora Training Institute as part of his Certificate III in Business Administration.

Aurora’s General Manager of Operations for South East Queensland Kim Little illustrates the gender imbalance in business administration from experience. “Jett is just the second male trainee we’ve had in the 10 years we’ve been doing this. We have an office full of females, so the girls get excited when a male shows interest in working here. It’s nice to see young men like Jett apply for these positions.”

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This Is The Place Where I Belong


Sylvia Horusman first came to Australia for a holiday in 2016. She loved the experience so much that 3 months later Sylvia was living here. A qualified barber, Sylvia originally moved from her home in Indonesia to Melbourne where she found work while undertaking a series of courses including English language, marketing and business studies.   

When Melbourne’s cold weather started to get to her Sylvia began to look at other potential Australian destinations with a more favourable climate and that’s when she discovered the Gold Coast.

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Lockdown Learning Lands Siobhan A Job


The COVID-19 pandemic provided some unique challenges this year; lockdown, physical distancing, job security as well as remote learning and working.

Almost overnight thousands of workers were displaced across the country, including Gold Coast hairdresser Siobhan Mulqueen who was stood down after restrictions mandated the closure of salons.

However Siobhan turned her uncertainty into an opportunity by enrolling in TAFE Queensland’s range of free mirco-credentials.  

The 30-year-old spent her newly found free time upskilling in a range of areas such as customer service, business and accounting.

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Su's Next Move


Su Noh is from South Korea. When she arrived in Australia she based herself in Sydney. Last year Su took a road trip, heading north with her boyfriend. When they arrived on the Gold Coast she immediately fell in love with the city.

“I really liked the vibe here. The weather was sunny and the water was warm. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the Gold Coast is – it was a lovely experience.

“Once I decided that I wanted to further my studies I was trying decide between Canberra and the Gold Coast and it was then that I reflected back on the fond memories of my holiday here last year. I knew then that there really was only one place that I wanted to be.”

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Help For Those In Need During Troubled Times


It took some time before Kelvin Nyantika found his ideal study destination. “I just fell in love with this city, it reminds me so much of my home of Mombasa in Kenya,” remarked Kelvin. “There’s such a relaxed atmosphere here and the universities are so well resourced, I just wish I’d undertaken more research about what the Gold Coast had to offer before I left Africa.”

While Kelvin had at long last found his new home in 2020 it’s proven to be a challenging year for him, as it has for so many international students and that's where the Gold Coast Student Hub was able to provide assistance.

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My Plastic Free Future


As the world population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate draining the planet’s limited resources the need to adopt sustainable practices becomes increasingly vital to our future. Envirotech Education on the Gold Coast is an organisation committed to leading from the forefront of globally innovative learning, guided by environmental sustainability with foundations in cutting edge technology.  

One of Envirotech’s program initiatives is the Innovation Hub, where teams of students work together to create sustainable projects. The module covers a range of disciplines from digital media to marketing and is designed to provide solutions to real world problems.  

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Sister Cities Building Diplomacy


The Taipei City Government recently established a formal internship program through via the New Colombo Plan. Through this arrangement Australian university students are now able to apply to serve as interns with the Taipei City Government. This is one of the only programs in the world that offers such an opportunity for foreign interns.

One of the first applications they received was from Makaela Fehlhaber, who is studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of International Relations (Majoring in International Diplomacy) at Bond University on the Gold Coast.  The Taipei City Government were deeply impressed by Makaela’s background in international law and strong interest in diplomacy.

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Sustainable Leadership


Larissa Rose, Director of Glowing Green Australia says: “We have a deeply ingrained philosophy that we have a role and a duty of care to build the leaders of the future. If we want to do the 101 of sustainability for our industry, then we need to ensure that we’re building the leaders of the future to sustain the sector.

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An Ideal Study Destination


Jason loves the Gold Coast so much that he has no hesitation in recommending it as the ideal study destination. One of the real attractions in returning to the Gold Coast for Jason is the opportunity to live in a city where he feels at home among the locals. “I enjoy learning and living with locals, rather than moving to another place and hanging out with just Chinese friends, so I’m really looking forward to the new experiences and friendships I’ll make this time around.”

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