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Engineering’s Virtual Future


GANDEN Engineers and Project Managers are one of Australia’s leading water and wastewater consultancies. The Gold Coast based company assists their clients in design, procurement, commissioning and operation of water and wastewater assets.

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Southern Cross University Launches Employability Program for Students with Disabilities


Universities are agents of transformation: they provide students with the necessary knowledge to create a more meaningful and successful future - one where they can realise their unique potential to achieve desired goals.

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An apprenticeship with the City of Gold Coast is bringing Sandy Austin one step closer to her dream of one day working on snowcats in Aspen, Colorado. After 20 years in the hospitality industry, Sandy decided to change her career.

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Giving Back to the Community


HTG is a Gold Coast based company employing over 180 staff boasting a diversified portfolio of businesses across multiple sectors. While still very much a Gold Coast based company, HTG has a growing footprint globally.

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Learning to Fly


Gold Coast Airport, a subsidiary of Queensland Airports Limited, proactively contributes to the prosperity of the local community. In recent years the company has developed a series of programs to enable students to gain experience and employment opportunities.

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The Digital Environment


Natura Pacific is a sustainability‐focused social enterprise that seeks to reintegrate communities with nature and promote a sustainable business model that can be used globally for social and environmental good.

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The Startup Giving Students A Leg Up


Anonyome Labs is a tech company that specialises in data security by allowing people to take control of their private information. Their motto is ‘it’s not our work life, it’s our life’s work’.

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Gold Coast Students Get The Big Picture


Last year Chris Boyd read an article about bullying in a local high school and he knew he needed to do something about it.

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Students – Don’t Underestimate Their Potential


The Frizelle Group was first established in 1985 and is one of the largest motor dealers in Queensland with over 830 staff across eight locations. The group runs a substantial apprentice program with around 40 of those apprentices employed each year.

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