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Student Support on the Move


When Study Gold Coast began to look at how we could make the Hub even more accessible the obvious answer was to make it mobile, and that’s how the Mobile Student Hub as born. The Mobile Student Hub brings support services, workshops and professional development programs directly to students in high schools and campuses on the Gold Coast.

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Speed Dating Your Career


Health and community services is one of the biggest employers in Australia. Currently one in seven Queenslanders is employed in the sector and by 2050 the Gold Coast is projected to have the largest growth in this sector in the country, estimated to be worth $7 billion annually. In short, helping people, particularly the aged and disabled, is big business.

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Digital Enterprise Through Augmented and Virtual Reality


Dian is a Professor with Southern Cross University’s School of Business and Tourism, but his real passion is technology. In 2018 he started the Digital Enterprise Lab, a multi-disciplinary facility designed to service the University’s numerous schools and, more broadly, the Gold Coast community.

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Don’t Be So Reckless


Bullying has been with us ever since we had to compete as an evolutionary species - so long that it’s been an inherent behavioural trait within the aggressors among us.

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TEDxRobina Inspires Creative Change


Technology, entertainment and design – these are the three fields of endeavour from which innovative thinkers first inspired audiences which led to a movement that became the global phenomenon that is TED as philosophers, scientists, philanthropists and business and religious leaders (among many others) shared their ideas and experiences.

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Southern Cross University Launches Employability Program for Students with Disabilities


Universities are agents of transformation: they provide students with the necessary knowledge to create a more meaningful and successful future - one where they can realise their unique potential to achieve desired goals.

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The Digital Environment


Natura Pacific is a sustainability‐focused social enterprise that seeks to reintegrate communities with nature and promote a sustainable business model that can be used globally for social and environmental good.

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Vision 2020


Congratulations to the successful applicants for Study Gold Coast’s Vision 2020 partnership program. Vision 2020 is designed for the Gold Coast’s education and training sector to partner with industry stakeholders in delivering innovative and sustainable projects to contribute to Study Gold Coast’s vision for 2020 and beyond.

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Ideas Take Over the Streets of Southport


The Exchange Ideas Festival 2018 brought a fresh breeze of thoughts to the lively neighborhood of Southport as young students and professionals – either by chance or intention, gathered on Nerang Street from the opening speech that set the event in motion.

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