Growing Graduate Opportunities


Lemon Tree Marketing are a full service strategic agency that began in 2012 with Managing Director Natalie Carosi. The Burleigh Heads agency has grown rapidly since, now employing 10 staff. Timing is everything, nowhere more so than in business as Natalie explains:

 “When we started very few marketing agencies were doing what we did and few people understood what outsource marketing was. The concept of external lawyers and accountants was well known, but marketing was seen as either an in-house function or a consultancy, but as businesses began to understand the need for a comprehensive strategy, particularly with the rise of social media, Lemon Tree grew.”

 Student Engagement

 With her own business quickly taking off Natalie saw the value of expanding her agency’s resources while providing opportunities for students.

 “Having been a student and knowing how hard it is to get a job without experience we make sure our interns are doing real work and are engaged directly in the projects we’re working on. It’s also important we have the time to support them to ensure they’re getting the most out of the opportunity.”

 So what are the key attributes Natalie looks for when taking a student on?

 “With interns it isn’t always about the skill, their attitude is often more important. If you’ve got someone who is really proactive and prepared to get completely involved, then both the student and the employer benefit from the experience. Having the right fit within our organisational culture is also important, skills can always be taught.”

 Design Graduate

 Bianca Taylor-Andrews is one of the recent graduates employed by Lemon Tree. The graphic designer studied at Griffith University and says the course prepared her well for her future career:

“Griffith runs an internal program called 'Liveworm' which is effectively an in-house internship for graphic design students to learn how to work in an agency type workplace - it was awesome! I learnt how to work with other designers, how to interpret briefs and onboard constructive feedback while working to deadlines.”

Bianca Taylor-Andrews (Centre)

Bianca has been working at Lemon Tree for two years, beginning as a freelancer for ten hours a week, before joining the agency fulltime as the agency’s needs grew.

 “I can work across the creative needs of 40 clients at any particular time, it’s all graphic work – branding, web design, print design, business cards and social media imaging. It’s funny, when I started out studying as a graphic designer I never planned to be in marketing, but it’s the guys I work with here that make it so enjoyable and working in Burleigh is pretty cool too,” says Bianca.

 And what does Bianca enjoy most about working at Lemon Tree?

“We’re a really close-knit team and that’s not always easy to find. I really enjoy the variety of work too – it’s constantly changing and interesting. More than anything I love the challenge of having to figure out how to bring someone’s idea to life - that’s really rewarding.”


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