Help For Those In Need During Troubled Times


When Kelvin Nyantika first expressed an interest in wanting to study in Australia his education agent recommended Rockhampton in Central Queensland. After arriving at the state’s beef capital he found it wasn’t really what he was looking for in terms of a study destination. Kelvin got in touch with his agent again and was soon on his way to Brisbane as his new study destination, but it wasn’t until he ventured to the Gold Coast one weekend that he discovered where he really wanted to be.

“I just fell in love with this city, it reminds me so much of my home of Mombasa in Kenya,” remarked Kelvin. “There’s such a relaxed atmosphere here and the universities are so well resourced, I just wish I’d undertaken more research about what the Gold Coast had to offer before I left Africa.”

Challenging Year

While Kelvin had at long last found his new home in 2020 it’s proven to be a challenging year for him. “When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out things got really tough. The restaurant where I was working part time closed down and I lost my job there. I couldn’t return to Kenya, where everything was in lockdown, so I had to find a way to survive here,” Kelvin says.   

That’s when Kelvin discovered the support services offered by the Gold Coast Student Hub. Kelvin signed up to receive free groceries and chef prepared frozen meals, which was a huge help. He also booked a session with one of the Gold Coast Student Hub Counsellors who was able to arrange for assistance to help Kelvin with his accommodation costs. The counsellor also helped him find a new part time job.

Kelvin grabs a complimentary coffee at the Hub

Amazing Support

“The support from the Gold Coast Student Hub has been absolutely amazing, without their help I don’t know where I would be right now,” says Kelvin.

With Kelvin’s studies transitioning online during the pandemic he now visits the Gold Coast Student Hub daily to continue his course. “I don’t have access to free Wi-Fi where I’m staying, but the Hub provides free access to all students, so I feel very lucky to be here.”

It’s a nice bonus that Kelvin also has access to complimentary tea and coffee while he studies at the Gold Coast Hub as well.

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