Mobile Hub Lands at Airways Aviation

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In just a few months since its launch the Gold Coast Mobile Student Hub has clocked up some serious kilometres covering the city, delivering support services to students across our education and training campuses.

Recently the Mobile Hub checked in at the Gold Coast Airport to Airways Aviation, one of the largest and most successful flight schools in Australia. Along with being a leading pilot training academy, Airways Aviation also provides a Cert 3 course in Ground Operations and Services for local high school students. One of those students is Georgia Toogood from Helensvale High School. 

“I want to become a pilot because you can travel while you work. It’s a unique job where you can travel the world and learn other cultures. Originally I wanted to become a doctor, but I’ve realised that It’s not really my thing. My ideal career would be flying for an airline.”

 Georgia Toogood


Georgia has been coming to Airways Aviation for six months every Friday and while the Cert 3 course won’t qualify her to become a pilot it does provide an extensive understanding of the aviation industry, as Sharon Powell, who looks after Educational Development and Quality Assurance for Airways Aviation explains.

“Students are given the skills, ability and knowledge of basic aviation. For instance, they learn radio calls, understanding aircraft signs on the tarmac and all the core subjects of safety in the aviation industry. The Cert 3 course qualifies students for ground operations roles like baggage handling, refuelling and foreign object and debris inspections on the tarmac, where they learn how to relocate animals as we get a lot of wildlife here.” 

Sharon says the transformation of the students is noticeable once they engage in the Cert 3 course. “High school students come along, they see the possibilities and then their whole outlook changes towards an aviation career. We often find that originally they want to become ground crew, but then change their minds and decide to become pilots.”

International Students

 Mobile Hub at Airways Aviation

It’s not just the locals who are being trained as pilots. Dulcie Kurai grew up in the Papua and New Guinea highlands and has dreamed of being a pilot since she was little. “The problem was I didn’t know how to become a pilot. None of my family were in aviation, so I never actually thought I’d get the chance to do it but here I am."

Dulcie says it’s a great vibe at Airways Aviation, where she feels very much at home. “I love that my fellow students come from all over the world, so I’m learning about other cultures while becoming a pilot. There are students here from Taiwan, China, Malaysia and the Philippines, but I’m the only one from PNG.”

Does Dulcie see herself as a trailblazer? “My dad is so proud, he really wants me to reach my goal, which is to fly a Boeing 777. Working for QANTAS or Emirates would be nice, but I’d be happy to work for any of the big airlines. I just want to travel everywhere around the world.”

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