The Key Ingredients to a Career in Entrepreneurship


It was only a couple of years ago that Ryan Carroll was struggling to find a protein powder that met his needs. Fast forward to a Bond University Bachelor of Business degree, hands-on support from the University’s Transformer program and Ryan’s on the cusp of launching his health food product into the Chinese market.

“There were a few elite protein powders for athletes and we saw a space for a product for the average person who needed it,” he says.

Shaking Up the Health Industry

Alongside his naturopath father Jason, Ryan created Ideal Breakfast Shake in 2015, a post-workout recovery supplement and breakfast cereal replacement made from whey protein, antioxidant-rich berries, herbs and superfoods. His new business was a key factor in Ryan’s decision to study at Bond.  

“I decided to study the Bachelor of Business program because I needed to learn key areas like advertising, social media marketing and product development to allow me to successfully run my own business on the side of university,” he said.

“I browsed all of the programs available at multiple universities and decided the business program at Bond was best suited to what I needed to learn.

“The lecturers in my program are engaging and take the time to get to know you. One of my lecturers often tailors content to synthesise situations my business faces, for example in social media marketing.”

Transformer Program

Add Bond’s Transformer program into this mix and the last year has been a game-changer for former Marymount College student, Ryan and his business. The fee-free entrepreneurship program provided Ryan with mentorship, expert coaching and opportunities to network with industry leaders and potential investors.

It gave Ryan the opportunity to pitch his business in front of the Duke of York in the [email protected] Gold Coast Final, and it’s how he got in touch with a Chinese importation company, opening the door to expanding the product range and in the near future, taking Ideal Breakfast Shake global.

 “Through the Transformer we’ve grown Ideal Breakfast Shake to what it is today,” Ryan said.

“The industry connections that I’ve gained through the Transformer, it’s just kind of life-changing.”

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