World First Program Kickstarts Careers And Grows Businesses


So, you’re fresh out of university and you land your first job. You have all the theory you need in your chosen profession, but not the experience. How do you gain an understanding about the way your new employer operates their business? What are their expectations of you in your new job? What’s the team culture like and will you be able to confidently apply yourself in the organisation?

From an employer’s perspective they face a similar dilemma. How can they quickly get their new employee up to speed on how the business runs? Will the graduate be familiar with their systems and processes? Does the new employee understand business etiquette and will they be able to successfully communicate their ideas within the team?

In short, you can have all the knowledge in the world, but there’s no substitute for experience. But how do you gain experience and the confidence to operate within a real world situation when you’ve just spent the last few years studying?

Graduate Program

Kickstart is a graduate program designed to benefit both new graduate staff and their employers. Whether you’ve just come out of university or finished an apprenticeship Kickstart provides new employees with the professional skills they need to be highly effective in their first year of employment.

Jayden Lee, engineering apprentice

The program was developed to give small to medium enterprises the resources they need to get their new employees up to speed as quickly as possible and as a result both the employer and the employee benefit. Graduates gain skills that set them up to advance their career goals faster, while employers see improved performance from their new staff with greater productivity.

World First     

Kickstart works directly with employers to gain a thorough understanding of their expectations for their new staff, while the graduates are mentored by industry professionals. Course facilitator Dianne Taylor believes Kickstart is a world first initiative for SME’s. “It’s essentially replicating what large companies do for their graduates where they put them into a program to learn the key skills and culture of the organisation. Developing an understanding about what’s expected, business communication, business etiquette and learning how to handle themselves in a business environment.”

Feedback from course participants has been extremely positive, as one graduate said “I learnt soft skills which are never taught and yet are so highly valuable in the workplace. I was taught how to create presentations, budgets, networking and many more qualities I will continue to build on”.

Kickstart facilitator Dianne Taylor

Likewise, employers have been equally enthusiastic. “Being able to ensure our graduates have the necessary skills to grow and develop in their roles while knowing what was expected of them has been so beneficial. I’ve already seen an increase in their confidence which was amazing,” was a typical response.

Dianne Taylor says: “If you’re an employer and you’re employing graduate staff or anyone in their first year of employment I would strongly encourage you to get in touch with Study Gold Coast to find out how Kickstart can work for you.”  

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