An Adventurous Gift That’s a World First image

An Adventurous Gift That’s a World First

Jackie Babbage studied a double Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Bachelor of Digital Media (Graphic Design) at Griffith University.

What it Takes to Run a City image

What it Takes to Run a City

The Gold Coast is the second largest council region in Australia and as such commands a massive budget and a lot of responsibility to its rate payers.

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Speed Dating Your Career

Health and community services is one of the biggest employers in Australia.



For more than 30 years Gold Coast company Sunland has created a portfolio of pioneering buildings and residential communities across Australia and around the world.

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A Love Story Transformed


The Gold Coast is about to stage a bold interpretation of the classic Indian story of Meera, a 16th century princess who fell in love with the Hindu god Krishna. The production will feature over 100 p...

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A Whale Tale


The Humpback whale may not be the largest whale species on the planet, but they certainly take up their fair share of the ocean, with adults growing up to 18 metres long. Their tails alone can measure...

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Learning to Fly


Gold Coast Airport, a subsidiary of Queensland Airports Limited, proactively contributes to the prosperity of the local community. In recent years the company has developed a series of programs to ena...

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A Distinguished Contribution to International Education


Gary Lee is a remarkable person - a former student who not only now advocates for students, but minorities, refugees and the disenfranchised. For Gary the key is inclusion, which is why Study Gold Coa...

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A Foundation of Hope – How A Refugee Rebuilt His Life On The Gold Coast


Pouriya Khoshnoodi is an Iranian who started a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business from nothing by importing products and selling them in his home country. As the business grew, Pouriya travelled the...

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From Japan to the Gold Coast - A School Girl’s Journey


Alas, it has finally arrived! Being at the tail end of my schooling life is exhilarating, yet so daunting at the same time. It’s crazy to think that it’s been more than a decade since I moved to Austr...

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Vision 2020


Congratulations to the successful applicants for Study Gold Coast’s Vision 2020 partnership program. Vision 2020 is designed for the Gold Coast’s education and training sector to partner with industry...

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The Digital Environment


Natura Pacific is a sustainability‐focused social enterprise that seeks to reintegrate communities with nature and promote a sustainable business model that can be used globally for social and environ...

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Ideas Take Over the Streets of Southport


The Exchange Ideas Festival 2018 brought a fresh breeze of thoughts to the lively neighborhood of Southport as young students and professionals – either by chance or intention, gathered on Nerang Stre...

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The Startup Giving Students A Leg Up


Anonyome Labs is a tech company that specialises in data security by allowing people to take control of their private information. Their motto is ‘it’s not our work life, it’s our life’s work’.

The c...

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The Key Ingredients to a Career in Entrepreneurship
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An Adventurous Gift That’s a World First
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A Love of Music Becomes A Media Career
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