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'Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today' - Malcolm X. 

This podcast series profiles the lives of our city’s exceptional students. With over 35,000 international students from more than 130 countries, Tomorrow Is Mine celebrates the Gold Coast’s culturally diverse student community through their achievements and contribution to the city’s rich cultural fabric. Many of these students have come to the Gold Coast after undertaking incredible personal journeys to pursue their education and their dreams for the future.

Tomorrow Is Mine is hosted by Trevor Jackson and provides tertiary students and recent graduates the chance to share their life experiences and their hopes for the opportunities that lie ahead. The future belongs to them.


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Alex Pereira Part 2 image

Alex Pereira Part 2

This show is part 2 of a discussion with Alex Pereira, a former football player, coach, manager and player’s agent who then later became a successful businessman before deciding to turn his life upside down by leaving Brazil to undertake a Masters in Sports Management at Bond University on the Gold Coast.

Alex talks about the many surprises he and his wife discovered about Australia, his life as a mature age student at Bond and the humbling lessons he’s learnt from his younger peers – and how Bond’s Transformer Program is enabling him to pursue an entrepreneurial vision that just might transform the Gold Coast's sporting landscape in the process.

But while they were still in Brazil, Alex first had to convince his wife Fernanda that life Down Under was going to be the right move for them. We pick up the conversation as Alex explains how they went on a mission to find out everything they could about Australia…

17 Dec 2020

Alex Pereira Part 1 image

Alex Pereira Part 1

Most people have to work hard for their success, others seem to find it effortlessly. Alex Pereira has worked tirelessly to achieve his goals, yet there’s something about his determination to succeed that gives him a certain air of confidence that makes you wonder whether he could ever fail at anything.

Growing up in Brazil football was his passion and from an early age Alex was playing at the highest levels, competing against international teams from other South American countries. But Alex’s dream was cruelly cut short – literally, leading him to work in other areas of the game where he became a successful coach, manager and agent creating opportunities for talented young Brazilians in Europe and other parts of the world.  

After years of globe-trotting Alex left the sporting world to set up a successful business in Brazil, but his relentless work ethic began to take its toll, causing Alex to reassess his priorities in life, eventually leading him to the Gold Coast where he has reignited his love of sport, studying a Masters in Sports Management at Bond University.

10 Dec 2020

Rose Olesen image

Rose Olesen

Three years ago Rose Olesen experienced a personal tragedy that would change the direction of her life. With a newfound perspective on the precious nature of life and a need to make the most of every opportunity Rose left her home in Denmark to study abroad.

Rose began to consider the Gold Coast as her preferred destination after reading an article about the best cities for international students. Exploring her study options in the city Rose was impressed by Griffith University’s exceptional reputation for international students and settled on a Masters Degree in Marketing.

Since landing on the Gold Coast Rose has embraced all that the city has to offer, discovering a new lease of life with a renewed affirmation for a future full of possibilities.

3 Dec 2020

Ismail Shiyar  image

Ismail Shiyar

Search for images of the Maldives on the internet and you’ll see luxurious beach huts nestled on pristine waters in a tropical island paradise. It’s an incredibly beautiful dream getaway from a manic world, but for Maldivians it’s a somewhat different picture.

While tourism is by far and away the Maldives’ biggest industry, this group of tiny islands is under threat from rising sea levels, and with that the locals face a very uncertain future. It’s this environment that Ismail Shiyar left behind to study a Masters in International Tourism and Hotel Management with an MBA at Southern Cross University.

This is a story about a young man who wants to improve the Maldivian working and training conditions in hospitality and tourism, but on another level it’s also about an island paradise facing an imminent threat and the country’s efforts to ensure their future as a tourism destination.

26 Nov 2020

Gauthier Fouques image

Gauthier Fouques

For Gauthier Fouques, life is all one big opportunity, you just have to say yes to things - you have to be prepared to try something new to see where it can take you. It’s all about being open to the idea of possibility.

Ever since he was a little boy growing up in France, Gauthier’s dream has been to come to Australia and now, after keeping an open mind to the possibility and having taken a healthy dose of fortuitous opportunity, he’s here studying carpentry at TAFE on the Gold Coast.

Gauthier’s story is a testament to staying positive and that if you have the right attitude anything is achievable.

19 Nov 2020

Nayma Tarik image

Nayma Tarik

When you come from an overpopulated city in Bangladesh, the Gold Coast is a very tempting prospect as an education destination. For Nayma Tarik the idea of living here was much more than just a chance to escape the familiarity of crowds and endless traffic jams. The opportunity to study at Griffith University was a ticket to gaining a world class education and to ultimately work in the field of biomedical science.

This is the story of a young Muslim girl who had barely travelled outside of her home country, leaving the security of family life for an uncertain adventure to follow her dream and in doing so discovered a world of opportunity through an experience that she could barely have imagined just a short time ago.

12 Nov 2020

Dren Xerxa image

Dren Xerxa

During the 1990’s tensions escalated in Kosovo when Serbians began persecuting Albanians in the troubled state. By 1998 the Kosovo Liberation Army was in full conflict with Yugoslav forces until the war finally ended after the intervention of NATO.

This was the environment of Dren Xerxa’s youth. As a teenager emerging from that conflict Dren embraced the optimism Kosovo Albanians were feeling after the war by starting a nightclub with his friends. Dren’s taste for business success led him to join Seed, an organisation that supports entrepreneurs, as he worked with cutting edge ventures across the world over the next 8 years.

Yearning for a better quality of life and a new challenge, Dren recently completed his MBA at Southern Cross University and is now mentoring entrepreneurs on the Gold Coast as the Programs Manager for Cohort in the city’s Health and Knowledge Precinct. It’s an extraordinary story and one that won’t easily be forgotten. 

4 Nov 2020

Rose Lopez image

Rose Lopez

Rose Lopez has led an exceptional life. The only child to Filipino parents who were told they had just a limited chance of conceiving a healthy baby, Rose has gone on to make the most of every opportunity that has come her way.

When she was 10 years old Rose’s parents took her to a seminary to meet orphaned children from the streets of Manila, giving her perspective on how lucky she was and sowing the seeds of the need to eradicate social inequality.

Later while studying for her double major of Law and International Relations at Bond University, Rose was chosen to chair the International Model United Nations Conference in New York, further igniting the flame of social justice. Now with her career underway, Rose must find her own path in the pursuit of her goals.  

29 Oct 2020

Rohan Raphael Das image

Rohan Raphael Das

Rohan Raphael Das has always had a desire to help others. As a teenager he became involved with Stand Up Shout Out, an activist group that gave voice to the youth of Kenya and led campaigns to preserve African wildlife from poachers. Later he volunteered at his local hospital and helped provide medical care to the poor and the homeless.

Last year Rohan completed his Honours in Biomedical Science at Bond University, where he was part of a research team working on a less invasive cancer therapy. Now Rohan is utilising his knowledge of analytical chemistry in the pursuit of a PhD at Southern Cross University. His dream is to return to Kenya to improve their health care services.

22 Oct 2020

Viviane Menna image

Viviane Menna

Vivi Menna is a visual artist, teacher and media activist who has campaigned to denounce human rights and citizenship abuses in Brazil. In 2000 she succumbed to her adventurous spirit and began to navigate the rivers and the oral narratives of the traditional populations of the Amazon, producing a series of watercolours and documentaries depicting the unique life and culture of its inhabitants who have been largely ignored by the media. 

Her latest adventure has brought Vivi and her three daughters to Australia, where they are studying at Browns English Language School, before setting off to explore the outback and our indigenous culture. Vivi’s indomitable passion burns brightly as she shares her remarkable story.

15 Oct 2020

Nicholas Hofman image

Nicholas Hofman

Nicolas Hofman left his family in South Africa at the tender age of 18 just after finishing high school to study accounting at Southern Cross University. He counts himself lucky that he’s in Australia right now and even more so to be based on the Gold Coast where he sees a world of career opportunities following his graduation.

Nicholas reflects on his life in South Africa and explains why he felt so compelled to proactively help other international students settle into their new lives at Southern Cross University.  

8 Oct 2020

Celia Innerarity image

Celia Innerarity

Celia describes her life and career as 'unorthodox'. A former HR professional and massage therapist, the last place this Bond University graduate ever expected to be was on the Gold Coast and if it wasn’t for some extraordinary kindness shown by friends and clients in Jamaica, Celia would never have made it here to study her Master of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Celia is the kind of person people immediately open up to, providing remarkable revelations as she seeks to help others improve their well-being. Far more than a nutritionist, Celia is virtually a life coach.

1 Oct 2020

Vipin Dhunnoo image

Vipin Dhunnoo

Vipin Dhunnoo cares about the future. The Bond University sustainable environments and planning and project management student hails from Mauritius, where his observations on rising sea levels from climate change led him to create Aftermath, a virtual reality experience that highlights the consequences of our actions on the environment if we maintain our current behaviours.

Our three dimensional conversation explores how Vipin got to this point in his career, his hopes for raising greater awareness about climate change and the need for more sustainable practices. 

24 Sep 2020

Rachna Chandarana image

Rachna Chandarana

When Rachna Chandarana finished high school she left her home city of Rajkot in India to study Information Technology at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Majoring in Network and Security Rachna is now employed as a member of the cyber security team at Gold Coast Airport.

So what happens when a cyber security expert realises her phone has been eavesdropping on our conversation during this podcast? Tune in to find out (but don’t mention it to your device). 

17 Sep 2020

Maros Hrnciarik image

Maros Hrnciarik

Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. Maros Hrnciarik’s life has been anything but mundane, with his art inviting us to explore a world of ideas and possibilities. The Slovakian sculptor’s work includes everything from the restoration of historic European statues to modern sculptures imbued with a sense of humour encouraging playful engagement.

Maros is currently studying Marketing and Leadership at Australian Pacific College while also working on a number of local projects, including entering the Swell Sculpture Festival and his work on the new Atlantis installation at Sea World.

10 Sep 2020

Beatrice Ronoh image

Beatrice Ronoh

Betty is from Kenya and is currently studying her Masters in Global Public Health at Griffith University. This episode is a conversation about the intricacies of tribal culture, the clans within those tribes and how that creates a very complex society in Kenya.

We talk about why the man’s family is responsible for providing a dowry to secure a bride in Kenya, how life is rapidly changing in one of Africa’s largest economies and why Betty came to Australia to further her education.

3 Sep 2020

Neil Josen image

Neil Josen

Neil Josen is studying Biomedical Science at Bond University with the aim of becoming a neuropsychologist. He wants to better understand not only how our bodies work, but how the brain and our minds work together to make us who we are.

Neil talks about his life growing up in the Philippines and how his education in Australia has been a transformative experience. In many ways this becomes a philosophical conversation about not only how we function biologically, but also the very nature of what it means to be human.

27 Aug 2020

Carolina Hoyos image

Carolina Hoyos

Carolina Hoyos is from Colombia and recently completed a Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics at Griffith University. She is now studying a Master of Education at the same institution.

Carolina originally moved to Brisbane to live with her dad, then she fell in love with the Gold Coast and began visiting the city every weekend. It got to the point where Carolina was spending so much time on the Gold Coast that she just had to move here. Now it’s her home and she wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else.

5 Aug 2020

Jazmina Tarmidi image

Jazmina Tarmidi

What happens when you reach a point in your life where you begin to question the belief system you’ve grown up with, one that was so strong that your idea of who you are was framed within those beliefs?

Jazmina Tarmidi moved with her family from Malaysia to Australia where they continued to practice their Islamic faith. In pursuing her dream to become a doctor at Griffith University Jazmina began to question the validity of that faith through scientific rationale. This is a courageous story of self-belief about who we really want to be and what we value most.  

5 Aug 2020

Ojay Moka image

Ojay Moka

Ojay Moka grew up in Papua and New Guinea, nurtured within a large family and close-knit community that formed his entire world, so his decision to study on the Gold Coast was a huge step outside of his comfort zone.

The challenges of adapting to a new culture quickly dissipated with the realisation that he’d made the best decision of his life. The Southern Cross University graduate now encourages other young people of the Pacific region to discover the value of higher education by following in his footsteps.  

29 Jul 2020

Soham Pandit and Tanya Bhandari image

Soham Pandit and Tanya Bhandari

Soham Pandit and Tanya Bhandari relinquished their management roles with India’s prestigious Taj Hotel Group to further their careers by studying International Tourism at Griffith University.

They came to Australia’s tourism capital excited by the potential of realising their dream of working here at the conclusion of their studies, but a few months shy of their graduation disaster hit the global tourism industry in the shape of COVID-19.

When all seemed lost new opportunities emerged with support from the local community. Theirs is a wonderful story of resilience, determination and hope.

22 Jul 2020

Emmanuelle Bryant image

Emmanuelle Bryant

Emmanuelle Bryant’s choices in life have been governed by a strong sense of social justice. As a young black woman growing up in a country steeped in cultural tradition like France, Emmanuelle knew that while she was unquestionably French, she also identified as being distinctly different from her compatriots.

Following a life changing experience immersed within Australia’s indigenous culture in the Northern Territory this passionately creative woman has made her home on the Gold Coast where she has been studying to become a film maker.  

16 Jul 2020

Frankie Barcellos image

Frankie Barcellos

The Gold Coast is a popular destination for Brazilian students with the opportunity to gain a world class education with an idyllic lifestyle and fabulous beaches.

Frankie Barcellos came here to study a Masters in Communications at Bond University and has since been employed by the local marketing agency Digital Junkies. In Frankie’s words he’s living the dream, but it’s a dream that’s taken a long time to become a realisation and one that he’s not willing to relinquish easily now that he’s here.

8 Jul 2020

Weiwei Zhang  image

Weiwei Zhang

Weiwei Zhang is an adventurous spirit and self-confessed black sheep of the family. Unlike her Chinese classmates Weiwei yearned to spread her wings and fly. She travelled internationally as a backpacker and developed a greater sense of independence, later giving her the confidence to establish a New York office for her Chinese employer and run that business successfully.

Now in her 30’s, the hiking enthusiast is scaling greater heights as she reinvents herself with a new career by studying at Bond University on the Gold Coast.  

1 Jul 2020

Shreya Kulkarni image

Shreya Kulkarni

Shreya Kulkarni prides herself on being a city girl. She comes from Pune, a city of 7 million people that neighbours on the 20 million strong metropolis of Mumbai.

So what brings a young Indian girl half way across the world to study in the comparatively unpopulated laid back coastal destination that is the Gold Coast where she doesn’t know a single soul and how has her experience here changed her outlook on life? Let’s find out…

24 Jun 2020

Ken Dinh image

Ken Dinh

Ken Dinh is one of the gentlest souls you could ever hope to meet. This unassuming young man from Vietnam has an irresistible smile that could light up a Christmas Tree.

Growing up within a devout Buddhist family, Ken’s decision to study abroad has been a personal awakening while still maintaining his spiritual values. His generosity can border on obsession, such as his love of volunteering, but it’s his enthusiasm and willingness to jump into any situation that makes him such an endearing person.

17 Jun 2020

Kathleen Di Paolo image

Kathleen Di Paolo

Kathleen Di Paolo was born in Mexico and grew up in Switzerland with her Mexican Mum and Swiss/Italian Dad. Kathleen says she’s always been ‘a bit restless’, which has led to a globetrotting lifestyle.

The Bond University law graduate has turned her love of travel into a career as a social media influencer with 25,000 Instagram followers and an entrepreneur, where Kathleen’s skills in taxation and international law are now utilised to help other digital nomads just like her. Welcome to Kathleen’s journey.

10 Jun 2020

Joseph Prospere image

Joseph Prospere

After spending most of his early life in refugee camps, Joseph Prospere left Africa for a new home in Norway at the age of 13. It was there, after he started schooling in a foreign language, that he began to appreciate the value of education.

Joseph came to the Gold Coast to study Business at Griffith University (because English is far easier than Norwegian!), where he launched a social enterprise to raise money for school children in developing countries. This is his remarkable story.

3 Jun 2020

Bren Domingo image

Bren Domingo

Bren Domingo grew up as a rebellious kid in the Philippines and after a few false starts was given an opportunity to pursue a career as a multimedia designer in Brunei. She enjoyed living and working in Brunei, but feared for her life there because of her sexuality and fled the country to start a new life in Australia.
Bren made her way to the Gold Coast to study Industrial Design at Griffith University, which would become the most transformative experience of her life.

25 May 2020

Podcast Reviews

5 out of 5

Gauthier Fouques

"Thanks for the podcast Trevor – you’re such a great storyteller! I really appreciate your words. Thank you for that experience."

Wei Luo

"I came across your podcast and immediately became a huge fan of your channel and content! Really digging the amazing stories delivered and collaborated with students and host, presenting a wide range of mixed perspectives."

Naymah Tarik

I could not be happier than sharing my experiences and thoughts about Gold Coast as a Griffith university student class of 2020. Thank you so much, Trevor Jackson, for having me as a guest on your amazing podcast series 'Tomorrow is Mine'

Luutu Henry

"I just listened to the episode featuring Rohan Das and it reinvigorated my drive to reach out to people back home. East Africa is so proud of you Rohan!"


 "Great storytelling! Really interesting insights and expertly interviewed. Extend your “circle of care” and give it a listen"


"Fascinating! I loved hearing about how these students ended up on the Gold Coast and how their experiences have shaped them."

Kyron Armour

"This series is amazing.  I know both the people featured so far and yet I had no idea of their stories.  Both were captivating for different reasons, and both resonated with our family on a personal level.  It is interesting to have your perceptions of a situation challenged by others lived experiences.  I cannot wait for the next podcast!"

Rohan Rafael Das

“Joseph Prospere you are truly an inspiration to so many people. If you can spare the time make sure you listen to this amazing podcast. So Good!"

Michael Adams

“This. Is. Awesome.”

Sue Moses

"Trevor Jackson is a master storyteller."

Jeff Norman

“Joseph Prospere is a remarkable young man with a great story. Looking forward to the next episode.”

Simon Howell

“Bren Domingo is a legend.”