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Shreya Kulkarni image

Shreya Kulkarni

Shreya Kulkarni prides herself on being a city girl. She comes from Pune, a city of 7 million people that neighbours on the 20 million strong metropolis of Mumbai.

So what brings a young Indian girl half way across the world to study in the comparatively unpopulated laid back coastal destination that is the Gold Coast where she doesn’t know a single soul and how has her experience here changed her outlook on life? Let’s find out…

24 Jun 2020

Ken Dinh image

Ken Dinh

Ken Dinh is one of the gentlest souls you could ever hope to meet. This unassuming young man from Vietnam has an irresistible smile that could light up a Christmas Tree.

Growing up within a devout Buddhist family, Ken’s decision to study abroad has been a personal awakening while still maintaining his spiritual values. His generosity can border on obsession, such as his love of volunteering, but it’s his enthusiasm and willingness to jump into any situation that makes him such an endearing person.

17 Jun 2020

Kathleen Di Paolo image

Kathleen Di Paolo

Kathleen Di Paolo was born in Mexico and grew up in Switzerland with her Mexican Mum and Swiss/Italian Dad. Kathleen says she’s always been ‘a bit restless’, which has led to a globetrotting lifestyle.

The Bond University law graduate has turned her love of travel into a career as a social media influencer with 25,000 Instagram followers and an entrepreneur, where Kathleen’s skills in taxation and international law are now utilised to help other digital nomads just like her. Welcome to Kathleen’s journey.

10 Jun 2020

Joseph Prospere image

Joseph Prospere

After spending most of his early life in refugee camps, Joseph Prospere left Africa for a new home in Norway at the age of 13. It was there, after he started schooling in a foreign language, that he began to appreciate the value of education.

Joseph came to the Gold Coast to study Business at Griffith University (because English is far easier than Norwegian!), where he launched a social enterprise to raise money for school children in developing countries. This is his remarkable story.

3 Jun 2020

Podcast Reviews

5 out of 5

Kyron Armour

"This series is amazing.  I know both the people featured so far and yet I had no idea of their stories.  Both were captivating for different reasons, and both resonated with our family on a personal level.  It is interesting to have your perceptions of a situation challenged by others lived experiences.  I cannot wait for the next podcast!"

Rohan Rafael Das

“Joseph Prospere you are truly an inspiration to so many people. If you can spare the time make sure you listen to this amazing podcast. So Good!"

Michael Adams

“This. Is. Awesome.”

Sue Moses

"Trevor Jackson is a master storyteller."

Jeff Norman

“Joseph Prospere is a remarkable young man with a great story. Looking forward to the next episode.”

Simon Howell

“Bren Domingo is a legend.”