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Vipin Dhunnoo

Vipin Dhunnoo cares about the future. The Bond University sustainable environments and planning and project management student hails from Mauritius, where his observations on rising sea levels from climate change led him to create Aftermath, a virtual reality experience that highlights the consequences of our actions on the environment if we maintain our current behaviours.

Our three dimensional conversation explores how Vipin got to this point in his career, his hopes for raising greater awareness about climate change and the need for more sustainable practices. 

24 Sep 2020

Rachna Chandarana image

Rachna Chandarana

When Rachna Chandarana finished high school she left her home city of Rajkot in India to study Information Technology at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Majoring in Network and Security Rachna is now employed as a member of the cyber security team at Gold Coast Airport.

So what happens when a cyber security expert realises her phone has been eavesdropping on our conversation during this podcast? Tune in to find out (but don’t mention it to your device). 

17 Sep 2020

Maros Hrnciarik image

Maros Hrnciarik

Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. Maros Hrnciarik’s life has been anything but mundane, with his art inviting us to explore a world of ideas and possibilities. The Slovakian sculptor’s work includes everything from the restoration of historic European statues to modern sculptures imbued with a sense of humour encouraging playful engagement.

Maros is currently studying Marketing and Leadership at Australian Pacific College while also working on a number of local projects, including entering the Swell Sculpture Festival and his work on the new Atlantis installation at Sea World.

10 Sep 2020

Beatrice Ronoh image

Beatrice Ronoh

Betty is from Kenya and is currently studying her Masters in Global Public Health at Griffith University. This episode is a conversation about the intricacies of tribal culture, the clans within those tribes and how that creates a very complex society in Kenya.

We talk about why the man’s family is responsible for providing a dowry to secure a bride in Kenya, how life is rapidly changing in one of Africa’s largest economies and why Betty came to Australia to further her education.

3 Sep 2020

Podcast Reviews

5 out of 5

Kyron Armour

"This series is amazing.  I know both the people featured so far and yet I had no idea of their stories.  Both were captivating for different reasons, and both resonated with our family on a personal level.  It is interesting to have your perceptions of a situation challenged by others lived experiences.  I cannot wait for the next podcast!"

Rohan Rafael Das

“Joseph Prospere you are truly an inspiration to so many people. If you can spare the time make sure you listen to this amazing podcast. So Good!"

Michael Adams

“This. Is. Awesome.”

Sue Moses

"Trevor Jackson is a master storyteller."

Jeff Norman

“Joseph Prospere is a remarkable young man with a great story. Looking forward to the next episode.”

Simon Howell

“Bren Domingo is a legend.”