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A Tour of the Gold Coast Student Hub

If you ever have any student life questions or are simply looking for an awesome space to hang out and study in, check out the Gold Coast Student Hub.


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Five Essential Tips for Mastering the IELTS

For international students who aren’t native English speakers, the day will come when they must sit the nerve-wracking IELTS.


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Overcoming Culture Shock

Immersion in an unfamiliar culture may be both a beautiful and disturbing experience.


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Don’t Be So Reckless

Bullying has been with us ever since we had to compete as an evolutionary species - so long that it’s been an inherent behavioural trait within the aggressors among us.


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TEDxRobina Inspires Creative Change

Technology, entertainment and design – these are the three fields of endeavour from which innovative thinkers first inspired audiences which led to a movement that became the global phenomenon that is TED as philosophers, scientists, philanthropists and business and religious leaders (among many others) shared their ideas and experiences.


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