Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Mayor’s Technology and Innovation Awards.


The Mayor’s Technology and Innovation are conducted by Study Gold Coast in partnership with the City of Gold Coast, Cohort Innovation Space and Bond University.  We received a record number of entries in this year’s competition, and we congratulate all the finalist teams. Here are the winners for 2023: 

2023 Finalists

Cardio Care St Hildas


Over 40% of Australians experience a panic attack in their lifetime and this number is rising. Panic attacks are caused by stress and typically occur suddenly, without warning and in any location. They can have serious effects on the livelihoods of people, preventing them from performing daily tasks once initiated. We propose a solution, CardioCare, that monitors a user’s heart rate, using an embedded thermal cooling system to relieve anxiety.

CardioCare is wearable in the form of a necklace, positioning the device in the centre of the chest. Through its cooling properties, the device soothes anxiety and reduces the symptoms of oncoming panic attacks, further acting as a warning system to alert the user in situations where a panic attack poses the greatest risk. This product also provides a tool for mindfulness, allowing the user to refocus their attention on the cool sensation on their chest, overall reducing the severity of the attack.

St Hilda's School

Strive Robina


Have you ever spent endless hours online trying to find a coach that can help you achieve your sporting goals? Or, as a parent do you struggle to motivate your children or even yourself to get the exercise, they or you need? Our generation is filled with screens that are absorbing all our attention. Australians now spend an average of 6 hours and 13 minutes a day online, meaning that over a quarter of their day is spent on screens.

This is why we decided to create Strive. Strive will ensure that the current and coming generations can live a much healthier lifestyle. Whether your goal is to become the next Usain Bolt, break your personal best in swimming or just feel better about yourself, Strive can do it all. The app is a hub to find gym buddies or coaches, a way to share experiences, reward systems, local sporting events, gyms, and so much more.

Robina State High School

Wayveboard QAHS


The Gold Coast has recorded the highest number of beach-related drownings in Queensland over the past year, a horror year that saw the highest number of people drown in Australia in a quarter of a century. Over the past 12 months 339 people drowned across Australia. Of those, 84 people drowned in Queensland. This is more than enough evidence to recognise the lack of knowledge and communication within our community regarding beach and water safety.

Our team proposes the WayveBoard. An interactive digital board placed along the stretch of the Gold Coast's beaches. This digital smart board obtains the primary purpose of promoting, encouraging and effectively educating both locals and tourists in various aspects of safety, such as sun safety (providing timely updates on the UV radiation) and water safety (scans the tide) to instil confidence in our Gold Coast community whilst extending support (audio, braille, multilingual support etc.) for the betterment of the Gold Coast.

Queensland Academy for Health and Sciences

Lifewatch St Stephens


LifeWatch Gold Coast is committed to the safety and dignity of the 127,440 elderly individuals who comprise 17.7% of the Gold Coast's 720,000 residents. A concerning 25% of our elderly population suffer from a fall at some stage in their life, a statistic that urgently calls for innovative and compassionate solutions. Introducing LifeWatch, a groundbreaking, user-friendly personal alarm solution that is designed to protect our most vulnerable.

Worn as a watch, wristband or ring, LifeWatch employs advanced sensors to detect falls. If a fall occurs, it promptly alerts the next of kin or emergency services, providing vital details including the location. With 31,860 elderly citizens on the Gold Coast potentially at risk of falling, the introduction of LifeWatch is not just timely but essential. It symbolises a lifeline for our seniors, allowing them to live more independently while offering families peace of mind.

Saint Stephen's College

Sunny Surge Merrimac

Sunny Surge

Gold Coast residents are facing a financial crisis the like of which people have never seen before in their lifetime. Energy consumption is a major contributor to rising household expenses causing undue hardship already impacted by economic inflation and living costs. Compounding this horrible situation, electricity prices are looking to surge higher following a trend of a 20% - 25% price rise of electricity costs over the last decade.

Our focus centres on erasing the household carbon footprint. Sunny Surge is an affordable solar paint that can be applied to tiles and areas that receive direct sunlight. The ingenious design of our solar paint works by absorbing atmospheric moisture and employing solar energy to break down water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Through this elegantly simple concept, we aspire to improve the lives of everyday Gold Coast community members while significantly reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Merrimac State High School

Birdinairy Helensvale


Our innovative idea is a bird watching app called Birdinairy. With rapid changes to the environment and the loss of local wildlife habitats we've identified a problem whereby thousands of tourists are unknowingly going into the bush, expecting to find a specific type of bird, but are unable to find what they were looking for. This is why we developed Birdinairy.

Many people are increasingly becoming disappointed by this problem and Birdinairy will help to prevent this situation from happening in the future. We speak from personal experience, having been frequently disappointed while bird watching and not seeing the bird we were hoping to see. We have chosen to create this app to help monitor our bird populations and provide greater certainty for bird watchers.

Helensvale State High School

FireAnt Finder Merrimac

FireAnt Finder

Our agricultural industry is under imminent threat. We stand to lose not only precious wildlife but around $1.2 billion in agricultural damages annually. The current Fire Ant international infestation has rapidly spread devastating various neighbouring nations and now this plague is in our backyard. Australia has already borne witness to the consequences of an out-of-control scourge after cane toads were introduced in 1935.

The main difference between the spread of cane toads and the current blight of Fire Ants is that our modern menace’s affliction on our great nation is exponentially on the rise. Our idea is to use aerial drones fitted with thermal technology to detect Fire Ant nests autonomously for safe extermination. Fire Ants left to run rampant will erode our precious lifestyle and severely damage our global image. We can eradicate this threat to Australia's environment before it gets out of control.

Merrimac State High School

Sunshield TSS


With Queensland having the highest rate of skin cancer in the world and our city renowned for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather, Gold Coasters know the importance of frequently applying sunscreen. However, despite good intentions, research has shown that just one-third of users correctly apply their sunscreen, with 85% unsure of the correct amount to apply. The Gold Coast SunShield Kiosks will allow you to easily confirm that your sunscreen is good-to-go, or whether it's time for a second application.

They work using UV cameras, which show the dangerous cancer-causing rays from the sun hitting your skin until they are blocked by sunscreen. In a similar manner to existing information displays, SunShield Kiosks will be installed around the city in high-traffic outdoor areas including our pristine beaches, university campuses, public parks and markets. Moreover, the kiosks will come equipped with publicly accessible sunscreen dispensers, allowing users to quickly reapply when necessary.

The Southport School

Aerowatch Airship QAHS

Aerowatch Airship

The Aerowatch Airship embodies a visionary concept that holds tremendous promise in transforming environmental monitoring and conservation on the Gold Coast. As an aerial platform, it conducts comprehensive and real-time surveillance of the region's environmental conditions. Equipped with an autonomous fleet of drones, the airship gathers crucial data on air quality, coastal erosion, and wildlife habitats while able to embark on extended surveillance missions without interruption. The Gold Coast community faces pressing environmental challenges, including climate change, habitat degradation and pollution posing a threat to the region's natural beauty and biodiversity.

The Aerowatch Airship addresses these issues by offering comprehensive environmental monitoring capabilities. It empowers local authorities, researchers and community organisations to make informed decisions and develop sustainable strategies for conservation and community well-being. Witnessing the adverse effects of environmental degradation, we'll leverage cutting-edge technology and innovation to protect our natural region. The Aerowatch Airship embodies our commitment to a greener and more resilient Gold Coast.

Queensland Academies Health and Sciences

GCycle Assisi


Where do you ride? Currently, the Gold Coast is struggling to create a positive cycling culture. GCycle is committed to promoting awareness of safe and accessible pathways to ensure the wellbeing of local cyclists. Busy roads are no longer suitable, due to the possibility of car crashes and road rage. This is not sustainable. We propose an app, a cost-effective way of increasing awareness of council pathways. Gold Coasters can rediscover the joy of cycling in a safe environment, encouraging more people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes.

GCycle will significantly reduce carbon emissions and will ease anxiety around cycling by encouraging use of safe paths as directed by the app. For those struggling to stay active, our app will suggest convenient ways to travel short distances, reducing the number of cars on the road. Our app is also marketable to other cities around Australia who are interested in promoting cycling.

Assisi Catholic College

GreenWay Robina


In the modern world transportation is a necessity, particularly in fast growing, bustling cities. On the Gold Coast traffic congestion is quickly becoming one of our most pressing issues, not only to the environment but the economy and social community. With citizens increasingly being stuck in traffic our capacity to travel and operate efficiently is constantly challenged, with frustrations sometimes resulting in road rage.

We plan to tackle traffic congestion, accessibility to public transport, and greenhouse gas emissions on the Gold Coast by creating the innovative app, GreenWay that even rewards you for traveling by eco-friendly means. This platform will inform users of the quickest routes with available public transport options, along with their daily, weekly, and yearly CO2 emissions. We are motivated to change the problem as our 10-minute trips to school are becoming 30 minutes long, and the bus trip home is taking almost an hour.

Robina State High School

Ecowave hub AB Paterson

EcoWave hub

"EcoWave Community Hub" is an innovative digital platform and physical space designed to address the Gold Coast's problem of lacking sustainable community engagement. The platform fosters environmental stewardship, social cohesion, and economic prosperity with a focus on sustainability. It provides an interactive online community platform where residents, businesses, organisations and tourists can connect, share ideas, and collaborate on sustainable initiatives.

It also houses eco-conscious businesses, showcasing sustainable products and services. To incentivise sustainable actions, the platform incorporates an EcoWave Rewards Program, where users earn "EcoPoints" for their eco-friendly practices, redeemable for discounts at local sustainable businesses. We aim to promote a culture of sustainability, strengthen community spirit, and position the Gold Coast as a leading example of embracing environmental responsibility while remaining an attractive place to live, visit, and stay.

A.B Paterson College


If you are a Gold Coast high school student with an innovative, technological idea waiting to be discovered, the Mayor’s Technology and Innovation Awards are for you!


The Mayor’s Technology and Innovation Awards are open to year 8-12 students. To enter, students create a team of two or three from their school and submit their idea for judging. Finalist teams will then take their idea to the next level through mentoring from some of the best entrepreneurial and technical minds of the Gold Coast. The awards end with a pitch night where finalists present their ideas to an audience and panel of expert judges.


Phase 1 – Form your concept

In your team of two or three, work together to come up with an innovative idea or technology that supports the City of Gold Coast’s City Vision through three themes:

  • The best PLACE to live, visit and stay
  • PROSPERITY built on a strong diverse economy
  • PEOPLE contribute to a strong community spirit

As a first step, watch our Ideation Information Session, which gives an overview of the awards and provides you with the tools to form your killer idea for your entry.  Once you’ve watched the video be sure to review the selection and criteria in the School Handbook as a guide to forming your idea.

Your idea could be a new idea for health, conservation, transport, agriculture, cyber security, construction, energy, recreation or something else.

Think Global, Act Local.  The possibilities are endless!

Phase 2 - Enter the Awards


Entries are now closed for the 2023 Mayor’s Technology and Innovation Awards.

There is no limit to the number of teams a school can enter, however each team must comprise of either two or three students in years 8-12.

To enter, simply:

  • Respond to the four selection criteria on the entry form, outline your innovative idea and the technology it uses to solve a community problem.
  • Assign your School Coordinator who will be the contact for all correspondence relating to their school’s participation in the awards.
  • Upload your signed Parent/Guardian Consent Form for each student entering the competition.


  • Entries open: Monday, 10 July 2023, 9am
  • Entries close: Friday, 4 August 2023, 9am

Parent Consent form

Phase 3 – Finalist selections


An expert panel of judges will score each entry against the judging criteria and the ten teams with the highest scores will be announced as finalists.

Finalists will move onto the mentoring phase of the awards, where they will further develop their idea or concept and be mentored by some of the best entrepreneurial and technical minds of the Gold Coast.


Phase 4 – Mentoring workshops

In the mentoring phase of the awards the finalists will take part in three mentoring sessions:

  • An intensive one-day finalist bootcamp at Cohort Innovation Space
  • An online mentoring session for each individual team
  • An online pitch practice and feedback session for each individual team


Bootcamp: Thursday 24 August 2023 from 9am – 3pm
Location: Cohort Innovation Space, Southport

Online check-in and pitch practice sessions

Phase 5 – Pitch and Awards night


The Final Pitch and Awards Night is each team's opportunity to present their idea to a broader audience and convince the judging panel that their idea is the best!

Ahead of their 5-minute pitch, each team will be given a dedicated display area to showcase their idea to the judging panel and audience. Once each team has pitched their idea, judges will be given the opportunity to ask questions before tallying final scores. Finally, the winning teams will be announced.


  • First Place

A $5,000 cash prize for the winning school
A tech talk by Cohort Innovation Space at the winning school
A $1,000 JB Hi-Fi voucher for each team member

  • Second Place

A $500 JB Hi-Fi voucher for each team member

  • Third Place

A $250 JB Hi-Fi voucher for each team member

  • People's Choice Award

A $250 JB Hi-Fi voucher for each team member

Full details on Pitch and Awards Night, including judging criteria can be found in the School Handbook.

Date: Monday 9 October 2023
Location: Bond University

Downloadable resources

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