Bibiana Carrao, 32, Pacific Training Group

Having completed a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in her home country of Brazil, Bibiana decided that if she was going to further her education in the field then a change of scenery might be good. She moved to the Gold Coast in 2015, and discovered her new home away from home. Bibiana graduated this year with an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management and works as a hospitality management trainee at Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast hinterland.


Q. Why did you choose to study on the Gold Coast?

Before I came to Australia, I heard that this country had friendly people and that the Brazilian community was quite large. I found this to be true. I chose the Gold Coast as my home in Australia and I love the weather, the coastal environment, the friendly people and the multicultural nature of the city. 

Q. Why specifically did you choose Pacific Training Group?

It was recommended to me by word of mouth and I had to see for myself if the reputation they had was truly the experience they offered. And it was an eye-opening experience.

Q. Can you give us a quick insight into your work as a trainee hospitality manager?

It is a position designed to allow me to undertake workplace-based training to enhance my skills. The training better prepares me to deliver professional customer service. I support services to guests and customers, as well as support staff in the restaurant, front office, events and other aspects of the business. 

Q. What do you love about your job?

The team and the teamwork.

Q. Can you tell us about your experience of studying on the Gold Coast?

I met people from all over the world where I could learn about different cultures and traditions. The Gold Coast has a very diverse population, including the residents and students, making the city an interesting, vibrant place to live. 

Q. What was your favourite learning experience?

I realised that when you are away from your home country, family and friends, you need to build your own family with the friends you make along the way. This is what helped me to be strong, being so far away from Brazil. Another aspect that I learned is the concept of continuous learning. Never stop studying; whether you take a course to help your career or choose to take time for self-development, the student life never ends.

Q. How did studying on the Gold Coast shape your life?

Studying on the Gold Coast helped me to meet people from all over the world, with different backgrounds and cultures, which made me become a better person. I have lost touch with many international friends I made, as they left the country, but a few people are still in my life and I consider them my family in Australia.

Q. What are your favourite memories from your student days?

The gatherings with other students, including parties, bushwalks and activities on the beach. There were many different occasions, but perhaps the ones that were more recent were when I lived with five people in the same apartment and we used to have dinners, parties and most of the things we used to do together, as a family. 

Q. What would you say to someone who is considering studying on the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is a beautiful city to study. It is where you can enhance your curriculum and at the same time you can have fun and enjoy the relaxed, beach life. The experience in this city has been the best I have ever had and I would recommend it to everyone.