Chinese Students Embrace Marine Conservation Program

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With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting international border closures the Gold Coast education sector has instigated numerous digital initiatives to maintain our relationships with our overseas partners through the implementation of virtual exchange programs with considerable success.

Recently, China’s Beijing No 25 Middle School approached Study Gold Coast to see if it was possible to implement a marine conservation program for their students with a particular focus on coral bleaching, loss of biodiversity and the reduction of the human ecological footprint within marine habitats.

World Ocean Day

Designed to coincide with the UN’s World Ocean Day (June 8), the school was actively seeking insights as to how other countries dealt with their environmental issues in a bid to better understand how our marine resources can be managed more carefully.

Study Gold Coast’s study tour partner Tyler International provided the solution through the creation of an environmental program which outlined the challenges marine life would face in their ocean habitats, along with the actions we can take to support those environments. 

Interconnected Environment

The program introduced students to the numerous ways in which humans are interconnected to the oceans and their inhabitants, with students engaging in inquiry-based learning activities to discover how fishing, shark nets, marine debris and pollution are all contributing to loss of biodiversity and what actions can be taken personally and collectively to live sustainably to reduce our ecological footprint.

A Beijing student comes forward to ask a question on camera

Hosted by specialist science teacher Robert Harris, 37 students from the Beijing No 25 Middle School participated in the program with an official from the local education authority observing the session. The feedback from China has been overwhelmingly positive, with the local education bureau in Beijing now considering rolling out the program to other schools in the district.

Study Gold Coast CEO Alfred Slogrove is particularly excited by the success of the program:

“At a time when political diplomacy can often make the headlines for the wrong reasons, the success of this program is a testament to the quality of the education services we can provide and the strength of our international relationships which underpin our reputation as Australia’s Favourite Classroom.”    

37 students from Beijing's No 25 Middle School took part in the program