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We live and work in a global economy and while that can literally open up a world of opportunities the prospect does present its challenges. How do you, as a local Gold Coast business stand out from the crowd? What can you do to gain an edge in an increasingly competitive market?

The answer might come from an unlikely source. Students. Domestic and international students provide a rich source of new perspectives and in doing so generate new ideas through a creatively diverse workplace.

Student employability doesn’t necessarily have to equate to a fulltime job. Your business can engage with students in a variety of meaningful ways including internships, apprenticeships, mentorships, or casual/part-time work. There are so many ways to engage with students for a mutually beneficial result.

Five Reasons Why You Need A Student In Your Business

* Increase your diversity
* New skillsets through different perspectives
* A proactive culture of lifelong learning
* Contributes towards rapid and sustained business growth
* Creates the next generation of leaders

Students and graduates can bring many benefits to a business – currency; diversity; adaptability; new ideas; lateral thinking and different perspectives; access to new knowledge networks; energy and enthusiasm; entrepreneurship; unique, emerging skillsets and much more.

More broadly, by providing meaningful engagement with a student and the city’s education sector you’re nurturing the economic, intellectual and social fabric of your local community.

The Advantages of International Students

International students have a desire to engage locally. They are also highly mobile, motivated and resilient. They’ve learnt to thrive in an unfamiliar environment and as such are highly adaptable.

With a diverse and sustainable talent pool your business can drive growth and remain competitive in the global economy. Engaging with international students and graduates can help you to develop new products, export markets and global connections.

From a service perspective, businesses that boast multilingual and culturally aware employees can offer better service to a broad consumer market and connect with other businesses across the world.

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Growing Your Business For the Greater Good

Beyond the benefits students can bring to your own business our future success lies in the pathways we can create between the education sector and the workplace of tomorrow. As the city diversifies so too must its workforce to meet the demands of the changing business landscape.

Creating a culture of employability for our graduates within the Gold Coast’s workforce drives future success through systematic growth. The more we invest in our education sector the greater the outcomes will be for a city that readily employs its graduates. The students of today become the global business leaders of tomorrow.

Talent For Business Growth

Study Gold Coast’s Talent for Business Growth program enables businesses to engage with the education and training sector by offering a range of services including:
• consulting services focused on workforce capacity and capability analysis
• understanding student employability
• enhancing knowledge of the available funding opportunities
• personalised introductions to relevant and suitable education and training providers
Find out how you can make a difference to your business with the innovative Talent for Business Growth program from Study Gold Coast.


Talent for Business Growth

A program to help Gold Coast businesses access student talent

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