Riviera Apprentice Graduates Kickstart Their Career Through Mentor Program


Australia’s largest luxury motor yacht builder Riviera, based on the Gold Coast, continues its commitment to fostering excellence by encouraging its apprentice graduates to participate in a new initiative aimed at enhancing their skills and career pathways.

Over a six-month term, graduates of the Riviera apprenticeship program team up with a mentor at Riviera’s Coomera production facility as part of Study Gold Coast’s Kickstart program.

During the current CV-19 restrictions, graduates work with mentors either onsite observing social distancing requirements, or via electronic correspondence or mobile communications where available. The course director facilitates the program using a video link.

The Kickstart program is designed to further develop Riviera’s newest tradespeople and fast track their professional, commercial and business skills.

According to Adam Houlahan, Riviera’s Safety and Training Manager, the program paves the way for new tradespeople to advance their careers with continued learning.

“It keeps them on a path where they continue to challenge themselves, to keep growing and developing skills,” Mr Houlahan says.

“It is an investment in themselves and their future, whilst at the same time there is great personal pride that they are taking on projects that add value to our business.”

Riviera tradies work side by side with apprentices

Through the program, each participant will work closely with their Riviera team mentor to work on a special project that aligns with their industry skills and capabilities.

It provides a tremendous opportunity for graduates to engage with the highly experienced Riviera team across multiple levels and includes vital interaction with key team leaders.

The Kickstart program gives Riviera’s newest tradespeople an insight into what it takes to be an outstanding Riviera team member and it accelerates their learning opportunities across the complete manufacturing process.

The program also reinforces the culture of excellence that supports every motor yacht that Riviera proudly creates, with more than half of the company’s annual production being exported to every continent of the world.