Alex Pereira Part 1

10 Dec 2020

Most people have to work hard for their success, others seem to find it effortlessly. Alex Pereira has worked tirelessly to achieve his goals, yet there’s something about his determination to succeed that gives him a certain air of confidence that makes you wonder whether he could ever fail at anything.

Growing up in Brazil football was his passion and from an early age Alex was playing at the highest levels, competing against international teams from other South American countries. But Alex’s dream was cruelly cut short – literally, leading him to work in other areas of the game where he became a successful coach, manager and agent creating opportunities for talented young Brazilians in Europe and other parts of the world.  

After years of globe-trotting Alex left the sporting world to set up a successful business in Brazil, but his relentless work ethic began to take its toll, causing Alex to reassess his priorities in life, eventually leading him to the Gold Coast where he has reignited his love of sport, studying a Masters in Sports Management at Bond University.

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