Alvin Yap

20 May 2021

Alvin Yap is one of the most likeable young people you’re ever likely to meet. Friendly, easy-going and quick to smile or laugh, Alvin has a charm that’s hard to resist. Alvin spent the early part of his life in Malaysia, then moved to the Gold Coast with his family before he reached his teens.

It’s here on the Gold Coast where Alvin quickly carved out a ubiquitous place academically, socially and now in business circles since he recently started his career. While attending Griffith University Alvin became a member of the Griffith Mates program and was also chosen as one of the Mayor’s Student Ambassadors for the City of Gold Coast, initiatives which both place a strong emphasis on diplomacy, volunteering and leadership through participation.

After graduation Alvin spread his multicultural wings further by taking on a key role in the Australia-China Youth Association and its flagship event, the Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit. If ever there was a likely candidate to be a key influencer of his generation it’s Alvin Yap, yet paradoxically his humble disposition would undoubtedly have him insisting that he’s far from anything but that person.

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