Amanda Wedemeyer

26 Aug 2021

Amanda Wedemeyer first began studying at Griffith University more than 20 years ago and is only now about to finish that journey. Originally Amanda enrolled to become a nurse, but dropped out after 18 months to take a substantial detour in her life and career. At the age of 36 Amanda returned to Griffith and has since attained a Bachelor of Public Health, before going on to complete her Honours and in doing so was awarded the University Medal.

That’s an impressive achievement in itself, but when you take into account that Amanda is a mother of six children and that she had to nurse her sick father who received a double lung transplant while she was studying for her Honours during a pandemic, you realise what an incredible achievement this is.

Now Amanda is about to start a PhD, an extraordinary feat for someone who once dropped out of nursing because she wasn’t ready to commit to the rigours of study and the discipline required. Amanda's unwavering determination to achieve her study goals as a mature aged student after so many years under such incredibly demanding circumstances is an inspiration to all.

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