Arianna Menzies

6 Jul 2023

Arianna Menzies was pursuing a career as a professional dancer in New York City after training at a prestigious dance school. Then COVID hit and her world turned upside down virtually overnight. As the city went into lockdown work opportunities disappeared and Arianna struggled to pay her bills.

With little prospect of work in the foreseeable future Arianna considered her options as she revised her goals. She had always planned to pursue a communications career later in life when she was no longer able to meet the physical demands as a dancer, so she decided to fast track that option by enrolling at Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

Since relocating to Australia she's fallen for her new home and the lifestyle it offers in a big way, and is now carving out a communications career here in the health sector, enabling Arianna to realise one of her other passions - to raise awareness of Adenomyosis, a little known or understood condition that has afflicted Arianna throughout her life.

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