Bambi Diana Bonifacio

30 Sep 2021

Bambi Diana Bonifacio sounds like an exotic movie star waiting to be discovered, but she’s a very grounded young woman who, in her mid 20's, is only just beginning to discover her true self as an international student. Bambi is from the Philippines and until she made the decision to study commercial cookery at Barrington College on the Gold Coast she’d never travelled outside of her home country.

Up until arriving here Bambi had followed a path of cultural and parental expectation, gaining qualifications in nursing because it carries the kind of prestigious reputation that would allow you to be respected, gainfully employed and financially rewarded for your service anywhere in the world.

But Bambi had always been fascinated by cuisine and its unique cultural and historical significance in its many different forms and flavours. It was only after gaining her nursing degree that she decided to literally follow her gut instinct and her passion for food. What followed was not only the pursuit of a dream, but the realisation of the need to live in the moment and to appreciate all that we learn as our lives unfold.    


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