Ben Fein

29 Sep 2022

Ben Fein grew up near the picturesque city of Heidelberg in Germany. Despite not being academically inclined at school, Ben obtained an economics degree while working for a large chemical company, rising through the corporate ranks where he had it all… a secure, well paid job, a beautiful girlfriend, a nice apartment – you name it.

But it wasn’t enough. Ben was deeply unsatisfied with the demands of the 9 to 5 routine and everything that went with it, and with his 30th birthday approaching he decided to give it all away to discover the world.

It’s said that life is a journey, not a destination. For Ben, the last 7 years have been a transformation, exploring something like 50 countries as they opened up his mind to new cultures, new experiences and new opportunities that he could never have imagined in his former life.

When COVID began to spread across the globe early in 2020, Ben was living on the Gold Coast, a city he regards as his second home, and with travel now off the agenda he decided to further his formal education by gaining qualifications in fitness, followed by a Diploma in Mental Health at TAFE Queensland.

During this period Ben also launched the Unpopular People website and podcast with his wife Elisa, a venture that is building a global network of interconnected people within a virtual community that’s looking to reshape the world through the sharing of their experiences and ideas.

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