Cameron Del Moro

19 Aug 2021

Five years ago if someone had told garbage man Cameron Del Moro that he would go on to university and complete a degree he would have laughed at them… but just a few weeks ago the Gold Coast local graduated with an Environmental Science degree from Griffith University.

Up until he commenced his degree Cameron had tried his hand at many things - tradie, garbage man, professional footballer, carer... he even tried a business venture but nothing ever really seemed to work out. Then while he was driving the truck on his garbage run he began to take notice of the amount of incorrect waste that people were putting into their bins that made them toxic and before long this young garbage man began to develop a keen interest in waste management and sustainable practices.

It took considerable encouragement and self belief, but after years of dedication to his new found conviction the one time class clown is now a Bachelor of Environmental Science with majors in Environmental Management and Urban Planning. This is Cameron's journey from garbo to graduate.

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