Carl Anacin

12 May 2023

Carl Anacin is a man of many a talents and interests – writer, biologist, social anthropologist, psychologist, musician, cultural warrior, photographer and political scientist.

He’s an academic journey man and that journey has now brought to him Griffith University as a PhD candidate researching identity, musicality and translocality of Filipino musicians in Australia.

According to his Griffith University profile, Carl’s research interests include music, globalisation, migration, social media and interdisciplinary studies. He recently published a chapter entitled ‘Beyond Hedonism: Clubbing and Millennials’ in Rethinking Filipino Millennials: Alternative Perspectives on a Misunderstood Generation.

There’s a lot to unpack with Carl over the course of this podcast and what transpires is an engaging, fascinating, and philosophical conversation about identity, displacement, cultural imperialism, and so much more.   

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